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New Solution for blind man
19.03.2014, 13:46
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I am searching for a solution for a man who is blind. He has a special PC that is equipped with Windows XP, Braille keyboard and a software called "Virgo" which is not able to run under Windows 7 or 8.

(Not only) because he does all his banking with the computer it would be unwise to let him stay with Windows XP.

Has anyone experience with this kind of software? Can I install it into a virtual machine which locally lets it run under XP while the whole PC itself runs with Windows 7 or 8?

The successor of Virgo is a system called Cobra, but the customer is - as many people with disabilities - afraid he wouldn't be able to use it in the same way as he uses the old software. However I am not familiar with Virgo or Cobra and do not know myself how much effort it would take to accustom with the new system.

Virgo and Cobra Website

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