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Jul 24 2014

SAP Launches New Developer Tools, Sponsors CloudFoundry and OpenStack

At the O'Reilly OSCON Open Source Convention in Portland, enterprise software giant SAP unveiled SAP HANA Answers, a new "knowledge hub" for developers building applications for the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

This "hub" is part of a set of fresh developer tools the Walldorfians have introduced since June, all of which are intended to help customers and developers write code that can run atop SAP's in-memory PaaS offering. All relevant information is available from the SAP HANA Answers website, which provides developers with fast access to the expertise they require in the cloud. Alternatively, the site is directly accessible from SAP HANA Studio via the SAP HANA Answers plugin. Along with this "single point of entry" for finding product documentation and tips for implementing or troubleshooting SAP HANA, the company has also issued the beta release of the SAP River Rapid Development Environment (SAP River RDE), a browser-based, drag & drop development tool that helps business analysts and designers build their own applications without writing a single line of code. Free trial versions can be downloaded from the SAP HANA Cloud Platform Developer Center.

SAP also revealed that it has become a sponsor of two key open source communities, Cloud Foundry and the OpenStack Foundation. As a Platinum Member of Cloud Foundry, SAP will collaborate with other members to create a foundation that enables the development of next-generation cloud applications. As initial steps, in recent months the company announced the code contribution and availability of a Cloud Foundry service broker for SAP HANA. Developed in close association with Pivotal and available as open source on GitHub, the service broker allows any Cloud Foundry application to connect to and leverage the capabilities of the in-memory database. Moreover, SAP will act as an active consumer in the OpenStack community and make contributions to its open source code base. Since the firm has significant expertise in managing enterprise clouds, its contributions will focus on enhancing OpenStack for those scenarios.


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