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Aug 11 2014

Pivotal Releases App Suite

VMware/EMC spin-off Pivotal has bundled up a number of its core technologies into an integrated package that can serve as a platform for running Web applications. The suite is targeted at users who plan to offer as much Java functionality as they can get, but would rather forgo deploying the full Java EE stack.

To achieve this, the App Suite takes some proprietary applications that are based on Pivotal's own Java Spring framework and combines them with popular open source technologies. Specifically, it includes:

Pivotal tc Server – the company's edition of the Apache Tomcat server, which includes all features of Tomcat 7/8 plus several enhancements such as multi-instance support through the use of shared binaries, Asynchronous Logging, and back-ported bug fixes
Pivotal Web Server – the company's take on the Apache httpd web server, basically a precompiled and preconfigured version of the original software that runs on various operating systems (including Windows and RHEL), reduces deployment time, and includes a set of extended modules supporting FTP file transfers, SSL encryption, Perl and PHP scripts, and LDAP
Pivotal RabbitMQ – a messaging broker that acts as an intermediary between servers, applications, and devices
Redis – an open source, in-memory key value data store and cache that serves to reduce application latencies and speeds up development of new software
Groovy and Grails – an agile, dynamic (scripting) language for JVMs plus matching web application framework

While the App Suite does not provide the functionality of a full-blown Java EE server, it does offer a number of advantages in comparison to standard implementations. One is its flexibility: Pivotal's package may be deployed to bare metal, virtual machines or public clouds as potential users see fit, so they can circumvent using cloud services if they mistrust the concept. Another is the comparatively simple licensing model – instead of choosing and paying for individual applications, customers can simply settle for the entire suite and just use the components they actually need. Billing is based on a per-core model that spans physical as well as virtual CPUs; prices start at US-$500 per year.

For more information, please see the reports at The Register and PCWorld.


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