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Nov 21 2016

Fujitsu’s Enterprise Cloud Comes to Germany

Starting in March 2017, Fujitsu will be providing its K5 Cloud Services via high-availability data centers in Germany. Thanks to its comprehensive support for OpenStack, it is the only cloud platform that enables IT departments to implement digital transformation via all cloud architectures. In addition, K5 provides secure infrastructure, comprehensive application compatibility, and native cloud app development, as well as API management tools.

Fujitsu's K5 Cloud Services combine high reliability and strong performance with the cost-effectiveness of open source cloud technologies. K5 is an elementary part of Fujitsu MetaArc, a portfolio of state-of-the-art technologies, infrastructures and managed services, all of which enable the seamless digitization of companies. K5 helps companies to digitize their business models and while taking full advantage of existing IT structures with the help of a smooth integration of cloud applications.

As noted above, the K5 Cloud platform builds on an OpenStack architecture and has recently been awarded the renowned OpenStack Interoperability certificate at the OpenStack Summit in Barcelona. Probably the most important feature of Fujitsu's new cloud platform is its ability to interact with any and all existing IT infrastructures, which in turn allows customers to easily deploy hybrid IT and cloud environments. The K5 package comprises cloud services as well as enterprise data centers and supports numerous applications, including web shops, database services, CRM systems, and payroll solutions.

K5 technology and services are delivered via four distinct channels – Public Cloud, Virtual Private Hosted, Dedicated and Dedicated On-Premise. That way, customers can choose the approach that works best for them. Regardless of the delivery channel, Fujitsu guarantees enterprise-class support, corresponding SLAs, and high availability. K5 Cloud Services are available worldwide and are currently being delivered via our regional data centers in Japan and the UK. In the near future, we will also offer them out of our local bases in Spain and Finland. And at the end of March, we will bring them to our German delivery centers in Frankfurt/Main and Rüsselsheim, which are located near the DE-CIX Internet node – the largest in the world in terms of data throughput. As a result, German and continental K5 customers will benefit from extra high bandwidths and extremely low latencies that will make the cloud-based service look like a particularly well-kept on-premises installation.

For more details, please see our related microsites for K5 and PaaS. For a comprehensive overview of our Digital Business Platform MetaArc, please follow this link.


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