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May 30 2018

Fujitsu Innovation Gathering: How IT Can Help Solve Social Challenges

From healthcare through manufacturing to the distribution of welfare, modern societies are increasingly grappling with previously unknown challenges that will shape our lives in the near and not-so-near future. Examples include demographic ageing, the disintegration of family ties and a resulting increase in single-parent/single-person households, growing workforce mobility and migration, or the near-permanent reorganization of manufacturing processes and industrial infrastructures. In all of these areas, modern ICT technologies can contribute a great deal to much-needed solutions.

This was the premise of the sixth annual Fujitsu Innovation Gathering, which took place on May 29 in Stockholm and showcased a diverse combination of groundbreaking research and development initiatives to solve social challenges, many on show for the first time in Europe. The event was hosted by Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe and featured a particularly exciting lineup of presentations, among them

  • Healthcare projects carried out in collaboration with researchers and academia, such as the use of AI technologies for building a human gait monitoring system to aid post-operative recovery or the use of Fujitsu's Digital Annealer technology to optimize radiotherapy
  • A new anomaly detection technology designed to enable smart structure health checks
  • A selection of secure, blockchain-based solutions including a platform for welfare distribution
  • A novel cyber factory model that uses state-of-the-art IoT and AI technologies to maximize productivity and quality output across a complete manufacturing site

As part of this year's Fujitsu World Tour, the convention highlighted numerous R & D projects and served as a "unique opportunity to demonstrate how socially responsible innovation can help transform society," the organizers said. Against this backdrop, it's particularly noteworthy that these projects not only focus on mere technical solutions, but also aim to cover more 'exotic' aspects like AI ethics. The event ended with the bestowal of a special "Innovation Award" to the best research team from five Scandinavian universities competing to solve today's challenges with the help of digital technologies.

For more details and a brief introductory video, please see the related microsite.


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