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Jan 21 2019

FUJITSU NEWS: Fujitsu Increases Retailers' In-Store Efficiency with Artificial Intelligence

This year's NRF – the U.S. retail industry's annual trade show – saw Fujitsu showcasing new solutions that leverage emerging technologies such as AI to help retailers solve some of their most pressing challenges. Ready-to-deploy technologies from Fujitsu fully support the customer journey and are suitable for the full spectrum of retailers, from groceries to fashion stores. They empower shop owners to improve their customers' in-store experience and help drive down operational costs, for example through reducing losses from self-checkouts.

Fujitsu's demonstrations at the New York event underlined a clear focus on bringing value and efficiency to store environments and extending existing omni-channel retail solutions. Highlights include:

  • Preventing self-checkout fraud – an innovative use of AI helps detect and prevent the fraud prevalent at self-service checkouts without having a negative impact on the payment process for honest shoppers. The new solution adds cameras to existing checkouts and uses machine learning and AI to cross-check whether a scanned barcode matches the physical appearance of any item, thus making it impossible to use a barcode for a relatively low-cost item, such as bananas, in place of higher value products of the same weight, such as steaks or alcoholic beverages.
  • Introducing the smart fitting room – this solution is expected to drive a greater conversion rate from visitors to fashion stores. It enables customers to access additional information related to clothing they are trying on, without needing to leave the fitting room. Instead, a new customer app provides a convenient way to request additional sizes or colors. Requests are sent directly to shop assistants' wearable devices, helping shoppers to reduce the total amount of time they spend in fitting rooms and enabling them to find the perfect piece of clothing and thereby increasing conversion rates.
  • Fujitsu also presented an automated in-store cash counting solution that helps reduce the margin of error as well as the need for shop floor staff to handle cash and ultimately enhances the efficiency of a traditionally manual and costly retail process.

Based on a deep understanding of the retail sector's need for reliability, agility and flexibility, innovative Fujitsu solutions shown at NRF were designed to support the customer journey and to ensure a seamless omni-channel experience across mobile, online and in-store retail. Retailers are enabled to improve their customers' experiences, increase efficiency and grow their business. Many solutions are also offered as a managed services model including installation, management, maintenance and support. And drawing on deep expertise in providing cloud services, Fujitsu offers retailers pay-as-you-go and cloud as-a-service models.

For more information, please check out our retail solutions microsite or better still, visit our Connected Retail Experience Center in Dublin. For a quick virtual tour through the latter, click on the video below.


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