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Nov 27 2018

NVIDIA Releases SDK for Medical Imaging

Earlier this year, GPU market leader NVIDIA introduced NVIDIA Clara, an open platform for developers who strive to build and deploy medical imaging applications into hybrid computing environments to create intelligent instruments and automated healthcare workflows. The only thing still missing at that early stage was a proper SDK, which is now available for commercial use.

NVIDIA Clara leverages the power of NVIDIA's technology and expertise in artificial intelligence, advanced visualization, and high performance computing, to build the next generation of medical imaging instruments and workflows. But in order for radiology to really benefit from potential new AI applications being developed, developers and IT teams from the clinical world need a clear path to deployment for a broad spectrum of imaging centers with diverse instruments, workflows and patient populations. Having a standard deployment platform will be key for scalable adoption of AI.

Clara SDK now provides medical-application developers with GPU-accelerated libraries for computing, advanced visualization, and AI. Over time, NVIDIA will also offer Docker and Kubernetes containers that can be used to build hardware-abstracted applications. Not only will these containers enhance medical imaging – covering the entire range from reconstruction through segmentation to 3D rendering – but they will also enable developers to deploy an application in multiple computing environments, including embedded, on-prem, or in the cloud. In essence, these flexible deployment options provide a faster way of bringing medical imaging instruments up to speed. Furthermore, NVIDIA also released a set of software tools meant to push the integration of AI and deep learning into medical imaging.

Developers who are interested in writing code for the Clara platform can sign up for an early access program  here.


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