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Jun 24 2020

VMware based remote working – simple & secure through latest VDI technologies

With the birth of the Cloud and the creation of software-as-a-service, enterprises are going for new approaches when it comes to their backend – instead of having everything in the form of on-premise solutions, enterprises can now choose cloud-based and hybrid solutions with better cost transparency and massive gains in agility. The Cloud has enabled every organization to be lean, mean, thin and smart. And that’s just what Fujitsu, together with VMware, want to enable you to achieve. A state of total flexibility, agility, cost-effective operations, seamless, and most of all, an intelligent way of working that’s as secure as possible where it counts, at the point where each individual employee does their work and interacts with the network as and when they need to.



The argument for cloud-client computing is a very substantial one, not just from an end-user perspective, but also for people who run, manage, and maintain many devices which deliver the computing an enterprise needs to compete effectively and efficiently. At Fujitsu, our focus is to deliver the intelligent workspaces which deliver technologies that empower people and deliver the boost to productivity, innovation, and creativity that comes with greater employee engagement and support.


Why thin access devices make sense

Organizations’ IT departments used to spend a lot of their time monitoring, fixing, patching, and replacing individual pieces of hardware, often increasing the risk of losing valuable data.

Since each client needed individual maintenance, programs would have to be updated machine by machine, and the IT department had their work cut out to ensure that it was up to date, running the right versions and applying the right security protocols. That resulted in spending valuable time, effort, and money on a fragmented inventory of machines that grew year on year, with the increasing potential for vulnerabilities to creep in.

Essentially a terminal, the thin Client is much more than that – because it is extremely flexible, it’s an intelligent and lean way of computing. Thin client computing means spending less money on IT supplies and maintenance costs, and investing more in projects that help boost the overall productivity of your people and your business.



The work happens on each screen, but the heavy lifting happens far away in a secure data center – somewhere that’s protected from threats and hackers. That’s the basis of a truly intelligent workspace – and it’s what Fujitsu and VMware Software, working together, can help you build.

Please note that Fujitsu has its own IP on thin client software solution – eLux and Scout are developed by a German company UNICON, which is 100% owned by Fujitsu.

The benefits are simple but powerful: updates happen simultaneously and swiftly, maintenance work is drastically reduced, terminals are standardized in terms of user experience; it is secure, easy to use, and a lot cheaper to buy. Licenses cost less, and security has far fewer points of potential failure than many machines dispersed across many locations. Cloud client computing is also greener and contributes significantly to ever more pressing sustainability targets.


Fujitsu and VMware – the way to go

Thin client computing balances software, hardware, and the easy and secure management of both out in the cloud so that your organization is as agile as possible, delivering a consistent and standardized user experience to drive productivity, cost control, and innovation. That’s a vital part of any organization’s corporate citizenship, and it’s precisely the aim of Fujitsu and VMware: do more with less, and make the most of technologies which enhance wellbeing of both people and the planet.

Over the last ten years, with the renewed interest in the benefits of thin client computing, IDC recently concluded that the approach is “an effective solution for organizations looking to provide a rapidly scalable, cost-efficient hardware solution with unified management.” They then stressed that organizations can achieve “the added benefit of greater security due to sensitive data not being stored on the devices themselves.”

Our goal is to achieve intelligent workspaces that foster collaboration, creativity, productivity and innovation at scale and with great security. We believe that’s the essence of what digital transformation is all about. And that’s exactly why Fujitsu and VMware have been working together, to deliver the potential of that transformation to customers across their organizations.


Jürgen Graf


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Jürgen Graf
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