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Jul 20 2016

FUJITSU Value Calculator App Comes to Windows Phones


When we first introduced the Fujitsu Value Calculator App back in May 2014, it was often hailed as the tool that finally turned finding the right IT system into child's play. Two years later, this claim still stands – only in the meantime, we offer more products to more customers without any loss in convenience.

The Value Calculator App initially came to life as a sales tool for PRIMERGY servers that enabled customers and channel partners to find the hardware that best fits their requirements, regardless of whether they were building new infrastructures or replacing old machinery. By and by, the number of product lines on offer expanded: nowadays, the app provides the easiest, fastest and most comfortable way to gather substantial information about Fujitsu's broad portfolio of PRIMERGY and PRIMEQUEST servers, ETERNUS storage systems and PRIMEFLEX integrated systems. To ensure ease of use, the app is divided into different modules; most important among these are the Product Finder, which helps you look for suitable servers and storage systems based on customers' criteria, and the actual Value Calculator, which helps compare already installed PRIMERGY and ETERNUS systems with the latest generation and calculate performance improvements and potential cost savings.

In its first version, the app was only available for Android and iOS users. In light of their dominance of the mobile and app markets, supporting these operating systems had been a rather logical decision, but also one that excluded users of Windows Mobile/Windows Phone. In the long run, however, this couldn't be our final verdict, because even if Microsoft's mobile OS isn't very popular with the general public, it does have a solid fan base among business and enterprise users who cite excellent performance, an intuitive GUI and simple upgrade options for older devices as reasons to keep their Windows Phones. And since this is the market segment Fujitsu focuses on, it was only logical to write a Windows version of the Value Calculator App, which is now available from the Windows Phone Store.

Strategically speaking, this fan base could even expand in years to come. That's because Microsoft itself regards the latest iteration of its mobile OS as an "edition" of Windows 10. In other words, the mobile OS is now more closely integrated with the regular one. Practically, this means that the Value Calculator App for Windows will not only run on smartphones and phablets, but also on tablets equipped with Intel hardware, such as our new FUJITSU STYLISTIC R726. Like its Android and iOS cousins, the app will be (and already is) continuously maintained and improved.

Speaking of improvements, it also must be noted that once again we have updated the app – the latest edition now lets users access additional information about the ETERNUS, PRIMEFLEX, and PRIMERGY/PRIMEQUEST product portfolios and offers more insight into the ETERNUS Resource Libraries. These enhancements are available for all three editions – Android, iOS, and Windows. For immediate access, just use the QR codes below that will take you directly to the app stores.







Kathrin Hofherr


About the Author:

Kathrin Hofherr

Product Marketing Manager Storage at Fujitsu


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