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August 14, 2018
FUJITSU IoT Solution INTELLIEDGE A700 is a converged IoT Appliance enabling you to leverage massive amounts of data that gets generated at the edge of your enterprise. It is an integrated software and ruggedized hardware platform comprising of solutions that help you gather, process and analyze data that is constantly getting generated and is flowing from your operational technology (OT) systems to IT systems. Data flows such as these are instrumental in providing valuable insights that can help streamline processes and provide greater visibility on what is happening at the shop floor and how that data can be harnessed for greater efficiencies and overall optimization. – In addition to the INTELLIEDGE A700, the FUJITSU INTELLIEDGE G700 is a pure hardware offering that functions as a gateway device for companies that would like to run their own Industry 4.0, IIoT or IoT-based custom applications. The INTELLIEDGE G700 Gateway ships with latest Intel® Core® i processor series, FUJITSU industrial mainboards, solid state drive options and much more. It is also shock and dust proof to withstand a variety of extreme and challenging environments found in industrial and enterprise scenarios.
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July 20, 2016
When we first introduced the Fujitsu Value Calculator App back in May 2014, it was often hailed as the tool that finally turned finding the right IT system into child's play. Two years later, this claim still stands – only in the meantime, we offer more products to more customers without any loss in convenience.
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July 06, 2015
Like many other network management and security functions, load balancing and application delivery control can be implemented on a hard- or a software basis. With our comprehensive portfolio of LoadMaster™ products, we at KEMP cover both types of solutions.
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June 29, 2015
Part 2 of our four-part blog explains which features distinguish a state-of-the-art load balancer from the more regular models.
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June 26, 2015
Modern web and application infrastructures are continuously expanding: shop systems, customer communication, order management, helpdesks, internal collaboration and communications as well as various backend applications all demand their fair share of server performance and uptime. To prevent this slew of systems from cannibalizing each other, large corporations have long used efficient network management techniques and a special type of network device called a server load balancer or application delivery controller. Our four-part blog provides you with a first insight into the technology and how it can be put to good use in SMB scenarios.
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January 13, 2014
Much has been told about Fujitsu's vision for a "Human-Centric Intelligent Society," but few examples illustrate the concept as completely as the Intelligent Desk – which is, in essence, a design study of what the average office workplace could look like in the foreseeable future. Developed in a collaborative effort with Germany's leading research organization, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft (Fraunhofer Society), it depicts just how immersive the working experience may become, comparable only to top console games such as "The Elder Scrolls" or the "FIFA" series of football (soccer) simulations.
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