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Activate windows 7
06.02.2015, 12:38
We installed win7 from scratch using a dvd from Microsoft. Windows wont read productkey from chip.

How to solve this

----- Christian Lia Nett-Opp IT Norway
11.02.2015, 18:40  /  Latest edited: 11.02.2015, 18:44
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Hi Chrislia,
Windows 7 has never been activated from a chip. All the PC's sold with Windows 7 wears a COA on it where you can read the serial number that you can always use to activate the product once installed. Otherwise your Windows license will not be valid. Another point is when you've got a PC with Windows 8/8.1 Professional and you want to make a downgrade to Windows 7 Professional, Vista Professional, XP Professional,... As you can see Windows 8/8.1 has no COA and so no serial number, just a legal logo proof. So, the easy way you can actívate your Windows 7 Professional downgraded it's directly using the DVD's that comes with all the Fujitsu computers instead of some Microsoft ones. After installation your license will be directly activated. If you don't have the DVD's you can always order some to Fujitsu.
If you don't want to do that or wanna make a donwgrade to earlier versions you can always call Microsoft Support and ask for an extra activation. How it's done thatConfused Well you need a good serial number from another computer you own, you could use that serial on the computer you are downgrading and as you call Microsoft they will give you an extra activation for that serial number without too many questions. The thing it's that the serial number it's no so important as that every PC should have it's COA o Windows 8 logo on it as legacy proof.
Hope that helps youSmile

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