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Where is Word Starter?
16.06.2014, 16:44
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I have reinstalled a Fujitsu Lifebook on which the customer used Word and Excel starter. Now I am looking for the uninstalled version but I cannot find it on the CDs. Does anyone know where I can find or download the Installation files?

16.06.2014, 20:30  /  Latest edited: 16.06.2014, 20:33
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you'll not find it on Fujitsu recoveries. The reason it's on Microsoft side. Office Starter 2010 could only be distributed preinstalled on a computer by authorized system builders and no copy of the software could be given to the buyer. That was a Microsoft rule. Even more, Office Starter doesn't exist anymore on Office 2013. It's a pity cause it solved many cases for casual users and small companies with no cost, but you know, that's Microsoft. Now you've got Office 365 for home users at a reasonable price (1 year five computers for less than 100€). Check also Office for students that could be also a good option. Otherwise try Open Office if you've got a company user, it's not the same but can be a solution free of charge.
Not said here, but depending on the language and always if you've got a Microsoft Partner Network Access you can still download Microsoft Office 2010 OPK from Microsoft:

That's the DVD used for preinstalling Office 2010 on a new computer, and also Office Starter (hope it's still the same that we used). Surely you will find it from other sites on the net but read carefully the License agreements to be sure you can install it back again.

Hope that helps youSmile

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