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Clock is ticking - how does the migration work?
27.03.2014, 19:40
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With only a few days left for Windows XP - how are your customers doing with their existing equipment?

I had three in the last week who ordered new computers - two Lifebook laptops, one Esprimo desktop - all of them with Windows 7 (wanted by the users, and thanks to the option Fujitsu offers that was no problem).

Especially with older customers tablets or Windows 8 is of no interest and the concern it wouldn't do as good as "plain old XP" is present.

However, if customers have had the experience of Windows 8 they do no longer fear it. I think it is a huge challenge for us to convince them that in the long term the newer os is the better choice. What do you think?

30.03.2014, 20:04  /  Latest edited: 31.03.2014, 21:46
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I'm just another Partner from Fujitsu but let me write down my opinion about this issue and what we say to our costumers in your case. Let's forget Windows 8 and go directly to Windows 8.1 (free upgrade from the Marketplace although takes a long time to be done, or on the newest PCs, you've got it directly installable from recovery CD's or already installed on laptops). From my point of view install always 8.1, it has some great improvements and it's more friendly than Windows 8. One of these improvements it's that you can easily start the computer directly to the desktop without seeing the metro interface. Just right click on the toolbar, properties, and in Navigation section mark go directly to desktop. Seems stupid, but if you've got the most used icons for that concret user on the desktop, the user only have to access metro rarely. And don't forget that Metro look and feel and metro apps are what really scares them. So, doing that, user perception of the radical user interface change from Windows 7 it's smaller and can adapt to the change easily and smoothest. In fact, the change from XP to Windows 7 will be very close to the one from XP to 8.1. With some time, the user will get used to the new facilities and feel more confortable with the interface and once done that the adoption to a Tablet or mobile phone with Windows 8.X will be just one step forward and all his world will soon have all the same look and feel. He will forget to learn several different ways to work depending on the equipment he's using. That argument helps us a lot to convince them for the change to the newest OS and it is, in fact, what we really think.
Comparing to XP to Windows 7 jump, you only have to add an explanation of how to use metro (10 minutes just in case the user needs some more apps), active corners to search options and maybe how to shut down the computer. In the last case you can create an icon on the toolbar to do that or on 8.1 it's just right click on the new Windows icon and select shut down.
As far as I know in a month or so Microsoft it's supposed to publish Windows 8.1 Update 1 that will recover some look and feels for desktop and laptop users on Windows 7. That it's supposed to help much more to jump from XP, Vista and even Windows 7 users to the Windows 8 world, even in the office world with nowadays don't want to hear about Windows 8 adoption.
That's my personal opinion. Hope to have help youSmile

01.04.2014, 20:58
Quote from GuillermoGC:
[...]you only have to add an explanation of how to use metro (10 minutes just in case the user needs some more apps), active corners to search options and maybe how to shut down the computer. [...]

Yes, you're right, Guillermo. Since Windows 8 was introduced I had more customers who accepted the new OS and only a few who definetely wanted Windows 7 on their new machines.

Some of the W8 users complained afterwards about some things they didn't find directly, but I could ease everything out with some explanations. No one of them wanted their machines rolled back to W7.

Regarding the "Last Minute Run". Looking at my customers and their equipment I estimate that more than 95 percent already switched from XP to newer OSes.

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