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March 19, 2015
Performance and energy efficiency have long been widely accepted as key criteria for evaluating server systems. Lately, however, a third category has emerged: with more and more organizations being hard pressed for floor space, density – i.e. the ability to pack an unprecedented amount of high-end components into the smallest possible enclosure – is about to become an equally important factor.
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November 17, 2014
Despite many advancements in recent years, administrators still struggle with a number of issues when managing server environments: Each "intervention" is potentially insecure, and working with SNMP agents and CIM providers often renders their efforts inflexible and inefficient – not to mention that it impairs system performance. The new Agentless Service in Fujitsu's ServerView management suite solves all of these problems at once.
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November 14, 2014
In January this year, we introduced our latest generation of multi-node scale-out servers for HPC and Big Data applications. Now this product family has produced new offspring: the FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY CX400 M1 appears just in time for the Fujitsu Forum next week and is supposed to bring extreme compute power to cloud service providers (CSPs), research facilities, and regular data centers alike.
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October 08, 2014
Following the launch of the first PRIMERGY server back in 1994, Fujitsu has released a new edition of its industry-standard x86 server models roughly every two years – always with a strong focus in R&D on the main attributes our customers expect: quality, efficiency and agility. That's a long tradition indeed, and one we are definitely proud of – few other hardware vendors have managed to create product lines that became brand names in their own right thanks to their excellent performance, superb reliability and first-rate efficiency. Plus, the 20th anniversary also provides a great opportunity to start a contest among our customers – to find out who runs the "Oldest PRIMERGY Alive."
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September 08, 2014
Back in 1994, Fujitsu started building a new category of servers, based entirely on x86 technology and industry standards. Numerous experts considered this to be a revolutionary step forward, as the company had previously been famed for its reliable mainframe systems and obviously brought a lot of expertise to the table. Since then, the PRIMERGY product line has turned into a major building block for data centers around the world, continuously delivering the performance and innovations our customers are looking for.
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August 14, 2014
In recent years, companies of all sizes have expressed growing interest in improving their IT's availability. However, projected costs and complexity often drive potential buyers away – especially if they are mid-sized organizations working under strict budget constraints. Fujitsu Cluster-in-a-box provides these customers with exactly the simplified and affordable high availability solution they are looking for.
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May 15, 2014
Finding adequate server hardware that ideally fits a specific job while saving customers time and money is rarely easy – and probably never will be. But Fujitsu's new Value Calculator App for the x86 server portfolio takes away some of the pressure.
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May 12, 2014
Big Data and the emerging Internet of Things are about to ring in the end of IT as we've known it for the past 20 years. With unprecedented amounts of data being processed and users expecting results in real or near-real time, servers are faced with new challenges every day, especially if they host business-critical backend services such as databases, ERP or BI applications. Fujitsu's new PRIMERGY RX4770 M1 server is prepared to meet these challenges.
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March 18, 2014
Clear and coherent product naming is a prerequisite for success in the hardware business. "Good" names must help customers identify vendors and their brands, and must also include condensed technical information about servers and server components. Read how Fujitsu has revised the naming system for PRIMERGY servers.
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March 03, 2014
With the release of the Windows Server® 2012 R2 operating system, FUJITSU expands its offering of x86 PRIMERGY server-based operating systems.
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January 14, 2014
As the digital revolution proceeds, concepts like High Performance Computing (HPC), Big Data, and "the Cloud" continue to get more popular on a daily basis. For most observers, however, these concepts are associated with giant data centers set up in some greenfield rather than with services that could be deployed within existing infrastructures. Fujitsu's second-generation, multi-node scale-out system PRIMERGY CX400 S2 is about to radically change that belief.
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November 28, 2013
Hardware vendors as well as IT departments may not be fond of the allegation, but it rings true nonetheless: A lot of data centers are run like cold stores at around 20 °C (68 °F). As a result, cooling expenses have exploded – in some organizations, they already account for half of the power consumption and energy costs. However, IT departments don't have to fall victim to this trend: Fujitsu's Cool-safe® Advanced Thermal Design technology solves these problems in bulk.
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November 27, 2013
It's a common belief that high availability or virtualization scenarios are the domain of huge companies with at least a few hundred employees and matching infrastructure. But when you look around, you'll find that car dealers, plumbers, and tax consultants everywhere are just as eager to offer their customers the best service levels as any department store.
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October 28, 2013
With today's economy being almost entirely information-driven, it is no surprise that managers want accurate, up-to-the-minute statistics to base their business decisions upon. Still, many IT departments can't deliver the kind of substantiated data they need due to a lack of resources or capacities. The adequate solution to that problem is to build a data warehouse, i.e. a central repository where relevant information can be stored for further analysis with BI and OLAP applications.
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