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Sep 02 2020

Streamline your data center with FUJITSU Server Networking options

Your server is the foundation of your data center, but there are several interconnecting components that keep it going. One such crucial component is the Network adapter card. Network adapter cards are indispensable building blocks of Server Networking: a network adapter card is an important hardware component used to connect a server to a network.

A server cannot work without a network card, since it needs to query and process computer instructions from the internet and then deliver the final results via the network card to the destination clients like a computer, or a network switch. Therefore, a Network card means everything to the server.  Ethernet and Fibre Channel (FC) are the two common technologies used in Server Networking; Fujitsu offers a comprehensive portfolio of Ethernet and Fiber Channel network controller cards to address all your server networking needs and suitably streamline your data center.


Fujitsu Ethernet and Fiber Channel network controller cards

With growth of machine learning, big data, hybrid cloud, mobile data and streaming video, IT professionals are constantly under pressure to deliver reliable server networking performance within their data center. For this, the right mix of performance, flexibility and reliability are paramount. With a wide array of Ethernet and Fiber Channel network controller cards to choose from, Fujitsu has your server networking covered.

Fujitsu Ethernet controller cards:

Fujitsu's Ethernet Controllers address virtualized infrastructure challenges, delivering best-in-class and highest performance to various demanding markets and applications. Various speeds including 100Gb Ethernet (100GbE) enables network bandwidth to be cost-effectively scaled in support of next-generation server and storage solutions residing in Cloud and Web-scale data center environments. Fujitsu offers a wide array of Ethernet controller cards including the X710 adapter family. The X710 adapter family addresses the demanding needs of the next-generation agile data center by providing unmatched features for both server and network virtualization, flexibility for LAN and SAN networks and proven, reliable performance.

Fujitsu Fibre Channel controller cards:

Fujitsu's latest generation of Fibre Channel controller cards for PRIMERGY & PRIMEQUEST servers are ideal for virtualized environments and transaction intensive applications. The adapters support the latest PCIe 3.0 standard for lower cooling and power costs and improved resiliency while addressing the needs of IT organizations that require reliability, integrated management, and guaranteed network performance.

Fujitsu Converged Network Adapter (CNA) cards:

A Converged Network Adapter (CNA) is a Network Adapter that supports both the Ethernet and Fibre Channel standards. It provides connectivity at various transfer rates to Ethernet networks and also connects to Fibre Channel storage area networks (SANs) using Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and Data Center Bridging (DCB). Fujitsu's Converged Network Adapter (CNA) 14000 family offers enhanced support for virtualization, cloud and hyperscale cluster deployments.


Fujitsu Dynamic LOM technology

In addition to Fujitsu's comprehensive portfolio of Network adapter cards, the Fujitsu DynamicLoM technology offers the much needed flexibility and scalability opportunities for your future server networking requirements. When servers are provided with network adapters aligned to the current infrastructure, this offers less flexibility and scalability opportunities for future requirements. The Fujitsu DynamicLoM technology delivers a perfect solution against these limitation barriers. Through seamless configuration and integration in existing infrastructures, the solution represents the direct opposite to inflexible LoM (LAN on motherboard) architectures. The diversity in the market, the need and demand for more flexibility in a continuously changing world required a change of thinking. This is why Fujitsu sets new standards for its systems. FUJITSU DynamicLoM technology based on the latest OCP v3 standards gives IT-Admins the chance to configure their Ethernet network connectivity the way it needs to be – seamlessly integrated and ready for future changes.


Streamline your data center network:  Rely on FUJITSU Server Networking

Get the best network performance out of your IT with FUJITSU Server Networking. Fujitsu Server Networking delivers:

Network Adapters Tailored to Optimize your Workloads—Improve network performance and lower latency with Fujitsu's broad portfolio of Ethernet and Fiber Channel network controller cards to choose from. Fujitsu offers the industry latest networking solutions to address all your data center networking requirements.

Flexibility and scalability that your network needs—With Fujitsu DynamicLoM technology, you now have the ability to individually adapt your current server network and further change and meet future requirements without giving your server infrastructure a general overhaul!

Reliability and security—Having the customer needs in mind, and taking in consideration critical factors as the security of your data and network, we are pleased to let you know that Fujitsu is here to offer you the highest quality solutions.Fujitsu provides you with in-depth tested products, always taking advantage of the crucial knowledge gained by our experts over many years of experience in networking technology and system integration. Starting with the initial certification of new adapter cards, the firmware fine adjustment, and up to the quality control of individual deliveries and supplies, Fujitsu does everything possible to guarantee you the best performance and highest fail-safety solutions.

Whether purchasing a new PRIMERGY & PRIMEQUEST system, or upgrading your existing infrastructure with the latest server networking configuration, FUJITSU Server Networking provides a seamless solution to streamline your data center network. For more information on the subject, please visit:



Aswin Shankar


About the Author:

Aswin Shankar

Global Product Marketing – Server Products


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