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May 29 2020

Fujitsu ISM v2.6.0 just got even better

With the need for the IT infrastructure to be more agile and flexible than ever, it has become critical for organizations to make quick decisions and to ensure prompt service delivery to stay competitive in the market. This is by no means an easy task considering all the complexities involved. Designed to 'de-silo' infrastructure with a converged infrastructure management platform that spans compute, storage, network switches and facilities, increasing operational efficiency and agility for the business needs of the future, Fujitsu’s ISM got even better! Stay tuned to discover all the new features available – and don’t miss the most recent update we’ve prepared for you.

Fujitsu ISM

FUJITSU Software Infrastructure Manager (ISM) enables organizations to have centralized control over the entire data center, which includes servers, storage, networking as well as power and cooling, using a single user interface. ISM is not just restricted to managing a single data center, but is also capable of distributed data center management.

Through a single intuitive software package, it delivers a consolidated view and control of all facilities, compute, storage and network devices, providing actionable insights that lead to reduced customer response time. ISM simplifies data center management by centralizing all operations and monitoring the entire IT infrastructure environment in a single unified platform. This powerful software can reduce up to 90% of cost and time by unified management of firmware updates as well as saving up to 50% of power consumption with the power capping function (results based on Fujitsu internal Lab Testing, 2017).

Choosing Fujitsu ISM helps organizations to accelerate the transition to software-defined data centers and can automate deployment of agile and flexible infrastructures to manage fast growing workloads.


ISM 2.6.0

Always with the objective of providing you with the best and most up-to-date tools, Fujitsu is improving its Software Infrastructure Manager. Announced today, the new version of ISM – ISM 2.6.0 – includes several new and important features.



Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) compliance

HCL compliance is the main new feature of ISM 2.6.0.

In ISM, you can download a Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) for hardware, such as PRIMERGY, and create a baseline from the components and firmware versions that are listed in that HCL. You can determine if the firmware version is compatible with HCL by assigning a created baseline to a node. This feature will allow you to easily find out if the system is running only with certified firmware, and to know the exact firmware version without reading documents.




Apply patch from GUI

With Fujitsu’s ISM, there is no need to login to the command line console in order to apply a patch to update the ISM Virtual Appliance (ISM-VA).



Security enhancement

If login to the ISM console via SSH fails five times in a row, the associated account will be locked in ISM’s new version. The SSH interactive authentication can be enabled. The account can be unlocked manually in ISM by accessing ISM via a console not using SSH or via another user.

It is also possible to specify an IP address/subnet and control its access to the ISM GUI, ISM console via SSH and to ISM-VA via FTP, TFTP and SMB.

Now that you have an overview of the new features ISM v2.6.0 has to offer, be sure to stay tuned for the patch 010 in order to take full advantage of all its new possibilities.


Dustin Caine Schulz


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Dustin Caine Schulz
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Product Marketing Manager for Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Germany. Responsible for FUJITSU PRIMERGY Scale-out-Systems and the Fujitsu Software Infrastructu...


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