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Jan 10 2020

The foundation for your infrastructure and data center management

In today’s race to remain competitive in the digital economy, many organizations have ended up with increasingly complex IT environments that pose huge management challenges. More and more devices are connected over the internet, data is king and organizations that are able to differentiate and innovate using this information lead the game. In order to keep up with increasing operations, companies continue to add more and more compute, storage and networking devices to their existing ones. The holistic approach of FUJITSU Software Infrastructure Manager (ISM) provides a well-structured GUI to improve operational efficiency and to ensure consistent management across server, storage and networking resources, thus helping to accelerate growth and innovation.

After years of consolidation and centralization, IT in general is considered a self-evident resource for business and almost all areas of daily life. Local data centers will be essential pillars in the connected world of IT not only today, but also in the future. Running these local data centers efficiently, reliably and securely while facing frequent and rolling changes with hardware and software, is the challenge Fujitsu aims to help your company to overcome. Fujitsu’s Software Infrastructure Manager (ISM) will help you to maintain an overview of your company’s IT assets and provides tools to recognize and execute necessary updates.

One of the most important features which makes ISM such a holistic tool has to do with its Unique Firmware Management. ISM is able to automatically identify devices requiring FW updates, and updates them across all data center nodes at once. It allows you to reduce up to 90% of costs and time when managing FW in your data center.

ISM’s intuitive dashboard provides near real-time insight into data center environments, thus providing administrators with actionable monitoring of data center operation and unified firmware management across all devices.

The hardware compatibility list is also checked automatically, allocating the different BIOS/Firmware versions to suite the vendors’ requirements. In order to ensure compliance, ISM checks whether there are any changes made on the data center nodes, comparing your specified profiles with all the set parameters of the nodes.

As a supplier for a very broad range of IT devices, Fujitsu took the logical and necessary step from single device management with ServerView Suite (SVS) to comprehensive infrastructure management with a central view of all the operational IT resources.

FUJITSU Infrastructure Management addresses many of the traditional challenges while meeting the requirements of today’s data center environments:



Fujitsu is standardizing on Infrastructure Manager (ISM) as its powerful new standard for monitoring and managing entire IT landscapes. ISM provides seamless, holistic management, ensuring that IT infrastructures retain the dynamic flexibility required to support ever-changing business demands.

ISM was designed to bridge traditional management with a unified platform that will span across servers, storage, network switches, and facilities bringing all management capabilities under one umbrella. ISM is not just restricted to single data center management but is also capable of distributed data center management, thus paving the way to a software-defined data center. A powerful new compliance feature built into Fujitsu ISM allows monitoring of system parameters across a data center, node by node – and the ability to roll back any unauthorized changes made on-site. This will help, for example, to prevent unplanned downtime due to human error in reconfiguring systems during standard maintenance.

To find out more about the ISM and its two available versions (ISM Essential and ISM Advanced), please take a look at this article.

With the extended capabilities offered and also due to the fact that, when compared with ServerView, ISM is not only limited to server management, it represents a crucial upgrade to properly manage the entire IT infrastructure. To fully benefit from ISM advantages, it is advisable to start the migration process from ServerView as soon as possible. Take the opportunity to gain an initial insight into ISM Essential (download it for free here).

Thanks to these comprehensive capabilities, Fujitsu is establishing ISM as its new standard management suite for data center infrastructure. Fujitsu will continue to update its previous server management software, ServerView, until April 2021 and will support ServerView until 2026.

In the table below you’ll find a round-up of the ServerView migration path for PRIMERGY and PRIMEQUEST.



As a holistic infrastructure management tool which is paving the way to a software-defined data center, ISM represents a very important step to your company in establishing this migration.


Dustin Caine Schulz


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