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Jun 05 2020

Simply made for each other – ISM and PRIMEFLEX

It is now one week since the release of ISM Version 2.6. Fujitsu’s standard tool for data center management just got even better! Keep reading below to find out all the great features we’ve introduced for you.


In the new ISM Version 2.6 several improvements were made in terms of usability, such as changes to the GUI design, GUI performance improvements and error message improvements. With the enhanced security feature it is now possible to specify an IP address/subnet and control its access to the ISM GUI, ISM console via SSH and to ISM-VA via FTP, TFTP and SMB. And much more!

But what about PRIMEFLEX? PRIMEFLEX pre-defined, integrated and tested combination of servers, storage, network connectivity and software is the ideal solution for those wishing to build a high-quality data center infrastructure. This solution is screaming out loud “Use ISM to manage me”! And since that is exactly what this solution does, we will provide you with an overview of ISM top Virtualized Platform Expansion functions, provided by ISM for PRIMEFLEX for VMware vSAN:



  • With Cluster Management, displaying the cluster has never been easier. ISM displays various types of information for the related physical and virtual resources. So you will always be up to date on your current cluster status.
  • ISM’s Cluster Creation automates the operation of creating second and subsequent clusters which differ from the existing one. Thanks to this feature, losing the overview on your cluster structure is nearly impossible.
  • The Cluster Expansion brought an automation process to the operation of adding servers to expand a cluster when the cluster resources are being depleted. So it is always easy for you to ensure a wider capacity. If your business is growing, it is easy to grow your data center infrastructure with it and ensure a smooth way to manage it!
  • Keep your updates rolling! ISM automates firmware updates, application of ESXi patches, application of ESXi offline bundle, application of vCSA patches, and vCSA upgrade without stopping the operations for a series of servers configuring the virtualized platform. Has it ever been easier for you to stay up to date? We don’t think so.
  • Is stopping operations while maintenance tasks require the restart of your server cluster driving you nuts? Then you will love this feature: the process of node disconnection and reintegration is automated by ISM. Maintenance tasks that involve restarting servers in a cluster can be processed without stopping current operations. Great, isn’t it?
  • Would you say losing some data in a world that is full of it might not be a disaster, but more a blessing? Well, if not, we totally agree with you! ISM automates the backup of the ESXi configuration information files and vCSA VA configures the virtualized platform. With ISM, your configurations are carefully secured, providing you the highest agility.
  • ISM automates the restoration of a backed-up vCSA VA, configuring the virtualized platform.
  • In the event that a cluster stop is required, ISM’s Cluster Stop automates the entire operation.


The PRIMEFLEX portfolio is focused on enabling IT organizations to be more responsive and agile in meeting the needs of their end-users, through adding new levels of simplicity. With ISM 2.6 for PRIMEFLEX we ensure you’ll have a tool to control your data center with the highest standard of agility you need, securing a reliable data center which is the solid foundation for your business.  


Dustin Caine Schulz


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Dustin Caine Schulz
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Product Marketing Manager for Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Germany. Responsible for FUJITSU PRIMERGY Scale-out-Systems and the Fujitsu Software Infrastructu...


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