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Aug 13 2021

FUJITSU Infrastructure Manager (ISM) 2.7.0 – What’s new?

As the data center as we know it undergoes the necessary transformation to keep pace with the rapidly evolving world we live in, it is crucial that partners and customers adapt and change their IT infrastructure accordingly. In the midst of global digitalization, there is an ever-increasing need for greater visibility and control in order to be able to manage data center complexity.

As enterprises move forward with new digital initiatives, data centers are also undergoing a transition: they must diversify as new resources are added to support new workloads and increasing complexity; in order to support multiple platforms running on-premises, cloud, and hyper-converged systems, they should transition to hybrid data centers; individual facility characteristics must be considered so that the requirements for improved efficiency, availability, and cost control can be appropriately accommodated; they must become more efficient and adopt simpler, modernized data center architecture like virtualization and consolidation; staff skills need to be reshaped in order to combat the staffing shortages and shrinking IT infrastructure budgets; they should embrace open source so as to be able to drive innovation.

FUJITSU offers a tool that will help you to support all of this: the FUJITSU Software Infrastructure Manager (ISM).


FUJITSU Software Infrastructure Manager

FUJITSU is standardizing on Infrastructure Manager (ISM) as its powerful tool for monitoring and managing entire IT landscapes, including servers, storage, network devices, as well as power and cooling. ISM simplifies data center management by centralizing operations and monitoring the entire IT infrastructure environment in a single unified platform. Using one user interface, ISM is not just restricted to managing a single data center but is also capable of distributed data center management.



Available in two options, ISM supports different business requirements:

  • ISM Essential – the edition for standard infrastructure management capabilities in single configurations. Provides essential monitoring capabilities and update functions across all supported devices including storage and network switches. No license costs, optional support license available;
  • ISM Advanced – the full-featured advanced version that provides comprehensive and robust infrastructure management capabilities across multiple data centers. Monitors third-party vendor devices in addition to integrating into VMware, Microsoft System Center, and Ansible environments. 


ISM 2.7.0 – what’s new?

ImageReleased in June 2021, ISM version 2.7.0 brings several important improvements when compared to its previous version. It now supports new hardware and software, has an entirely new feature – Anomaly Detection brings function and usability improvements (driver update for Windows), and integrates one idea from the AHA! tool.


Anomaly detection

ISM collects data regularly and is now able to detect unusual trends. This detection is achieved not only via threshold monitoring, but also by a special algorithm. The feature helps to prevent system errors and reduces the hassles of operational management. For further details, please check the with paper on Anomaly Detection on the ISM Homepage.



The new feature is easily accessible via a new tab added in the “Event view”. When an unusual trend is detected a message is displayed and a solution recommendation appears. This feature is supported in VMware environment.


Driver update

ISM now uses the update function of iRMC to update firmware and driver to the latest available version (from Globalflash public web repository or ServerView Repository). If firmware is provided with a specific version, the driver will be updated as well​.


For further information, please visit FUJITSU Software Infrastructure Manager (ISM) : Fujitsu Global and Fujitsu Technical Support pages from Fujitsu Deutschland.


Carolin Hausmann


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Carolin Hausmann

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