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Jul 08 2019

Server security is critical for securing the IT infrastructure

With the digital transformation present in every sector and creating more efficient ways of working and gaining insights from mountains of data, there are inevitably new and important security challenges arising. Based on a long history in providing best in class security features for PRIMERGY servers, Fujitsu will be your biggest ally guarding your company against cyber security threats.



Digitization allows for a big variety of possibilities for businesses to create and capture value, but it also creates many possibilities for those who wish to steal from them, from their customers and partners, or to disrupt the services they provide. Today's data breaches can affect hundreds of thousands, even millions, of individual consumers and records, all from a single attack on one company.

During the last few years server security has become a key building block for end to end security. These threats are evolving, and with known attacks like Meltdown, Spectre and LoJax targeting the roots of the security chain, the old school approach only to protect endpoints, network communication and applications does not fulfil current needs.

Server security is critical for securing the IT infrastructure. While much customer focus on cybersecurity concerns protecting the OS and applications, less attention is devoted to the underlying server infrastructure. Thus security features are built into the PRIMERGY servers to be able to protect, detect and recover hardware interfaces, BIOS and firmware from cyber-attacks. Find out more about some of these capabilities bellow.

Secure Boot

In the PRIMERGY UEFI Bios it is possible to restrict the boot options for your server systems and secure the boot process. As a center piece, the Secure Boot ensures the code integrity during the boot process of the server. For every boot phase the code must be verified by the previous phase. If it doesn’t pass the integrity check, the system could stop the boot process and send out a notification.

To ensure the integrity every software and firmware component has to be signed properly. Fujitsu ensures this through its development and QA. Secure Boot ensures that tampered system boot chain can be detected, and you can initiate measures before malware is active.

Secure Out of Band Management with Fujitsu iRMC

The integrated Remote Management Controller iRMC represents a BMC with a separated LAN connection and extended functions. The iRMC therefore offers comprehensive control over PRIMERGY servers, irrespective of the system status.

As an autonomous system on the system board of a Fujitsu server, the iRMC has its own protected subsystem, separated from the “productive server” with operating system, web server, user management and independent alert management. The iRMC remains powered on even when the server is powered off or in standby mode, protecting your server after power and in case of a malicious attack, helping to reset your system to a good working state.

Secure Update of System Software

Fujitsu provides signed system software updates for all components such as drivers, firmware and BIOS. These updates run through a well-defined process to ensure quality and security, being signed with certificates. All PRIMERGY server security updates are offered for at least 5 years, ensuring your server is secure for a long period of time.

Because software management is one of the key pillars of server security, ServerView Update Management allows you to manage updates for the firmware and software components of PRIMERGY servers in a very flexible way. You can choose whether you want to control your updates completely by yourself or use automatic updates, which we provide.

In short, your company can rely on Fujitsu’s PRIMERGY servers as they will guarantee a secure foundation for the entire IT infrastructure and a secure operation of all applications. Please be also aware that in opposite to other vendors, Fujitsu offers software, firmware and driver updates totally for free.

To learn more, please visit Fujitsu’s Server Security website.

Timo Lampe


About the Author:

Timo Lampe

Senior Specialist Marketing Manager – Data Center Systems / Server


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