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Sep 08 2014

Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY Underpins Business Benefits with New Generation


Back in 1994, Fujitsu started building a new category of servers, based entirely on x86 technology and industry standards. Numerous experts considered this to be a revolutionary step forward, as the company had previously been famed for its reliable mainframe systems and obviously brought a lot of expertise to the table. Since then, the PRIMERGY product line has turned into a major building block for data centers around the world, continuously delivering the performance and innovations our customers are looking for.

A reliable, affordable hardware platform that easily adapts to constantly evolving business needs – this classic core concept for building PRIMERGY servers is still as valid today as when it was first introduced 20 years ago. During that time, Fujitsu has concentrated on using its technology to solve customer' technology issues. Today, as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the PRIMERGY debut, we're honored to find that a vast majority of clients shares our IT philosophy – namely, the idea that it's not enough to follow and realize a technical vision, but that the goal should be total customer satisfaction. This gets increasingly complicated in light of the latest challenges to efficient data center operation:

  • Computing is transforming and touching more people on a wider range of devices – it seems like every one of us is connected with each other. Today, the number of networked devices equals the world's population. By 2015 it would take five years to view all the video content crossing IP networks each second. And this flood of information not only must be transported and saved, but also analyzed to generate further valuable information about customers, business partners, etc.
  • Along with a blistering data growth, the demand for constantly available IT resources is going to escalate at the same pace. Today, most organizations already rely heavily on their IT to execute business-critical processes and transactions. Still, with the ongoing proliferation of intelligent systems – think autonomous cars, open-road tolling, or smart meters – this dependency is only going to increase, and it will be even less acceptable for any of these lifelines to fail.
  • Power consumption and savings options will remain a hot issue on CIOs' agendas. According to recent predictions, many data centers are running out of power and cooling capacity, but still need to expand their compute resources. A proper solution must reduce the percentage of power used by data center cooling systems, since they can account for as much as 50 percent of the power consumed. Therefore organizations will be forced to diligently plan their data centers' layout if they want to cut energy consumption and electricity bills in the very near future.

Tough as these challenges may be, we're going to live up to our own tradition and tackle them with a user-inspired design and improvements in usability, serviceability and efficiency that shape the 'anniversary edition' of the FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY platform.Image

Server Innovations
Versatile performance, increased availability and energy efficiency, and simplified management were the cornerstones for designing the latest PRIMERGY generation. But of course, such a promise alone sounds shallow, so here's how we fill it with life:

  • Performance: All new dual-socket PRIMERGY servers are equipped with processors from Intel's latest Xeon® E5-2600 v3 product family, which offers 1.5 times the number of processor cores and last-level cache than previous models. What's more, they are also the first systems to support the new DDR4 memory technology that pairs higher performance with lower power consumption and thus helps to avoid performance bottlenecks while keeping the costs in check. Finally, customers who buy new PRIMERGYs are now free to choose the network adapter they want or need instead of having to cope with a preinstalled component thanks to the new DynamicLoM technology. As a result, these servers boost application performance by up to 55%, enabling organizations to handle the most compute-intensive workloads in a considerably shorter time and help customers overcome some of the most pressing limitations that keep them from building agile and efficient data centers.
  • Availability: In today's economy, IT systems have to be available 24/7/365. Consequently, infrastructures and business processes not only need to be managed, but automated where possible to avoid manual errors and ensure continuous operation. To achieve this, the latest PRIMERGYs simplify the standardization of recurring processes and the implementation of quality management. For example, the new rack- and scale-out servers may be equipped with the PAN Manager software that enables administrators to build a pool of resources and implement high availability as well as disaster recovery features at a fraction of the cost of regular approaches. Combined with the PAN Cloud Director, it turns into the only tool on the market that allows them to manage both physical and virtual resources within a cloud environment. Lastly, unlike other leading ICT vendors Fujitsu will continue to provide firmware and software updates, which often solve critical errors, for the PRIMERGY servers free of charge. These updates can be downloaded regardless of an existing service contract or valid warranty from Fujitsu's support web pages. It doesn't get any easier or more cost-effective than that.


  • Energy efficiency: Fujitsu is renowned for its efforts to build truly 'green' servers and regularly achieves world records and top rankings in SPECpower_ssj2008 benchmarks. However, with the latest generation of dual-socket PRIMERGYs, we wanted to take things one step further. The extended Cool-safe® Advanced Thermal Design offers a uniform concept for the operation of PRIMERGY servers, ETERNUS storage systems and switches in environments with ambient temperatures of up to 40 °C to save energy and cooling costs. In order to choose the best possible solution we also offer a unique energy management solution that enables a vendor-independent assessment of heterogeneous IT infrastructures, and thus provides the opportunity to develop strategies and plans of action for increasing data center energy efficiency.
  • Management: Our comprehensive FUJITSU Software ServerView® Suite is famous for enabling admins to deploy, control, optimize, maintain and integrate PRIMERGY servers in no time flat and almost free of charge. The 'anniversary edition' includes a number of new features and substantial improvements. Probably the most important novelties are the ServerView Embedded Lifecycle Management (eLCM) and the ServerView Agentless Service. eLCM consolidates and enhances ServerView functions directly available within the server, without the need for external media. To this end, users may include their own boot image for offline operation or recovery purposes – an option that is particularly useful if they run a network of widely distributed branch offices. The ServerView Agentless Service forwards OS-related management information directly to the iRMC of a PRIMERGY system, so that it is available to administrators at the main data center via the system's management LAN port. This effectively separates the networks for productive and management data.

Altogether, the comprehensive platform refresh will help our customers build the agile and efficient data centers they need to meet today's requirements and tomorrow's challenges. Come what may, with PRIMERGY on your side, nothing can stop you from taking your business to the next level.

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