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Jun 06 2019

Future-proof your data center with FUJITSU Software Infrastructure Manager (ISM)

With the global digital transformation in full swing, data centers are also gearing up by adding more and more compute, storage and networking devices to their existing infrastructures to support growing workloads, creating silos of resources. IT departments are tasked with supporting complex and diverse applications spread across multiple locations. Lack of real-time visibility, increased complexity and costs, and slow customer response time are the consequences which the FUJITSU Software Infrastructure Manager (ISM) is designed to solve. ISM is designed to 'de-silo' infrastructure with a converged infrastructure management platform that spans compute, storage, network switches and facilities, increasing operational efficiency and agility for the business needs of the future. ISM is now available in two flexible options!

ImageFujitsu Software Infrastructure Manager (ISM) is an integrated infrastructure management software that can help simplify end-to-end lifecycle operations across multiple data centers. ISM dramatically speeds up the deployment, operation and maintenance of data center resources, thereby increasing productivity of IT resources by shifting away from routine and manual tasks to more strategic projects that create value for the business. Through a single intuitive software package, it provides a consolidated view and control of all facility, compute, storage and networks, providing actionable insights leading to reduced customer response time. ISM simplifies data-center management by centralizing the operations and monitoring of the entire IT infrastructure environments in a single unified platform. This powerful software delivers major cost and power savings, combined with improved data center performance and uptime.

Choosing Fujitsu ISM helps organizations to accelerate the transition to software-defined data centers, and can automate deployment of agile and flexible infrastructures to manage fast growing workloads. The many functions that ISM delivers include:



To meet different business requirements, FUJITSU Software Infrastructure Manager now offers two flexible options: the ISM Essential and the ISM Advanced.



Fujitsu ISM Essential:

 ImageJumpstart your journey towards efficient data-center operations with the new ISM Essential. As the entry point to infrastructure management, ISM Essential is the standard and free version of ISM. Essential monitoring capabilities and update functions are provided across all supported devices, including storage and network switches. It is available free-of-charge (get it now from the Fujitsu Support Center), and an optional support pack is available at an additional cost.

The ideal solution for costumers that want to start with Infrastructure Management, ISM Essential offers an easy upgrade path to ISM.

Like ISM Advanced, ISM Essential is also delivered in a virtual appliance and can be deployed with ease. The binary installation image is identical for both Advanced and Essential. So if you start in Essential mode and want to take advantage of ISM Advanced functions, you'll be able to upgrade to ISM Advanced by registering a license key.


Fujitsu ISM Advanced

As a top-of-the-art ISM, the Advanced version provides Imagecomprehensive and robust infrastructure management capabilities across servers, storage, and network devices.

 A software-defined data center has now become an achievable reality, thanks to the centralized management of entire data centers. Some of the advanced capabilities include a unified and intuitive dashboard, firmware baseline management to ensure hardware compliance, and automated deployment of all nodes with profile management. It also monitors 3rd party vendor devices in addition to integrating into VMware®, Microsoft® System Center®, and Ansible environments. It's available through a paid license and a support fee.



To learn more about ISM, please join us for a webcast on 27th June at 10 am (CET) - where we will talk about the business value of ISM as well as provide a demo of its many functionalities.

Register today for the webcast: "FUJITSU Software Infrastructure Manager (ISM): Converged Infrastructure Management for next generation data center".

For additional information on ISM please read Fujitsu's ISM Datasheet and visit:


Sylvia Ahongshangbam


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Sylvia Ahongshangbam

Specialist Marketing Manager, Product Data Center Server, Global Marketing


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