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Apr 16 2015

FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX – Your Fast Track to Data Center Infrastructures


Anyone who ever had to build data centers from the ground up will tell you what a complex, error-prone, tedious, expensive and time-consuming process it is – and that in the end there's almost always one component that doesn't work as expected. Fujitsu's PRIMEFLEX family of integrated systems helps companies reduce such risks to a minimum.

First introduced at the 2014 Fujitsu Forum, the PRIMEFLEX family brings together a selection of top-of-the-line data center solutions under one single umbrella with a single brand name. Each of these packages comprises the servers, storage, network connectivity, and software required to run crucial applications and/or services for a bunch of business-critical use cases; most of the family members which were previously developed independently and have success stories of their own. In short, the PRIMEFLEX family continues a Fujitsu tradition that started as early as 2002, when we delivered the first FlexFrame system.

The Packaged Advantage
IT usage patterns are changing rapidly, and so are customer expectations regarding the performance, service capabilities, flexibility and not least pricing of IT infrastructures and data center environments. Building such infrastructures following a DIY approach is probably extremely satisfying for nerds like Howard Wolowitz (of "Big Bang Theory" fame), who grew up stitching together their first PCs. But the less technically-minded rest of us – who doesn't have the knowledge, skills and time for planning, implementing and testing in-house developments – prefers solutions that work either out-of-the-box or after some customizing. Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX solutions are developed to live up to that promise, adhering to our strict definition of what an integrated system is and what it should be capable of:

  • As noted above, each PRIMEFLEX system is a solution package that comprises all necessary hardware (servers, storage, networking gear) and software components (with management software always included). Moreover, all of these building blocks arrive pre-configured, pre-integrated, and pre-tested, so there is little if any risk that the rollout won't work. Customers thus get a unified system from a single vendor – a simple, worry-free, fast and inexpensive method for adding new IT capabilities whenever they're needed.
  • Depending on individual usage scenarios, PRIMEFLEX solutions can either be ordered in ready-to-run configurations or as reference architectures; a select number are available in both formats. Ready-to-run configurations enable customers to quickly respond to particularly pressing problems. They can be ordered as complete packages with a single order code and are ready for integration into a given environment within 15 minutes. The key purpose here is to disburden IT departments from planning, designing and implementing proprietary solutions; the number of customization options, however, is limited. By contrast, reference architectures serve as blueprints for more specific customer requirements and have to be adjusted and customized on site following predefined configuration guidelines – in these cases, the work of Fujitsu and its channel partners is comparable to that of a tailor who adapts a sewing pattern to individual body measurements. To streamline this process and accelerate deployment, it's possible to pre-install customized reference architectures in one of our staging centers or at our channel partners' sites. – Included with the PRIMEFLEX family are so-called hyper-converged systems, that is, highly virtualized, software-centric solutions running on standard hardware.
  • PRIMEFLEX systems cover a wide array of use cases with varying levels of complexity, including server and desktop virtualization, HA & DR configurations, Private Cloud scenarios, and building Big Data and HPC environments. In addition, we offer PRIMEFLEX systems that support SAP environments and server applications from Microsoft.

Today, the PRIMEFLEX family encompasses approximately 20 single solutions, and more are scheduled to appear in May. The average lifespan per integrated system is supposed to last five years. To help customers achieve this, any kind of support and guidance is available, including consulting, deployment, integration and migration services, all carried out by competent local partners or our International Delivery Team. To round out the offerings, customers can take advantage of a set of attractive add-on services such as Solution Support to cure unexpected problems, Lifecycle Management for smooth and non-disruptive upgrades, and Managed Hosting. All PRIMEFLEX packages come at affordable prices and may even be implemented under tight budgets thanks to attractive financing options.

Fujitsu's PRIMEFLEX systems relieve customers from possible pains caused by trying to build data center infrastructures in a DIY way, because they serve as building blocks that reduce complexity, risk, and time expenditures while increasing operational efficiency. PRIMEFLEX systems cover many important use cases, such as server and desktop virtualization, HA & DR, Private Cloud, Big Data, HPC, as well as SAP and Microsoft environments. Together with various add-ons and support packages, each solution provides everything customers need for fast time to value. Pricing and availability of packages may vary by region and system configuration.

For more information, please visit our PRIMEFLEX microsite – or attend our TechCommunity Webcast tomorrow morning!

Gernot Fels


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Gernot Fels

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