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May 12 2014

Platform of Choice for Business-Critical Services: FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY RX4770 M1


Big Data and the emerging Internet of Things are about to ring in the end of IT as we've known it for the past 20 years. With unprecedented amounts of data being processed and users expecting results in real or near-real time, servers are faced with new challenges every day, especially if they host business-critical backend services such as databases, ERP or BI applications. Fujitsu's new PRIMERGY RX4770 M1 server is prepared to meet these challenges.

Starting in June, the fresh product line will replace the current PRIMERGY 'high-end models' RX500 S7 and RX600 S6, which are being phased out over the medium term. As can be concluded from Fujitsu's new naming conventions for PRIMERGY products, their successor is a 4-socket rack system with a high-end feature set that builds on the strengths of Intel's Xeon® E7v2 processor family and offers the following advantages:

  • With a 50% higher maximum core count (15 instead of 10) and 25% more L3 cache (37.5 instead of 30 MB), the PRIMERGY RX4770 M1 doubles the average performance over the previous generation.
  • With up to triple the previous generation's memory capacity (6 instead of 2 TB), the system can easily handle complex, data-intensive workloads such as in-memory databases and real-time business analytics.
  • Up to 32 integrated PCIe 3.0 lanes per socket and up to 3 x 8.0 GT/s QPI bandwidth help to substantially increase data transfer rates while at the same time reducing latencies.

The PRIMERGY RX4770 M1 runs at clock speeds of up to 3.4 GHz and is capable of processing 30 threads per core in parallel. With so much power under the hood, it would already be a leading product in the standard server segment. But our developers aimed for more than that and added a number of vital advanced capabilities:

  • High speed networking technology with two integrated 10GbE ports and 11 PCIe 3.0 slots, where one of the slots is for internal RAID
  • Increased disk performance with 12 Gbit/s RAID controller and greater internal storage capacity with eight 2.5 inch, hot-pluggable SAS/SATA SSDs, SATA HDDs or – in future – up to four additional PCIe SSDs, for faster access to more data
  • Fujitsu's fourth-generation integrated remote management controller (iRMC S4) enables administrators to monitor and manage servers extensively, regardless of their system status, so that they may perform health checks or control power consumption.
  • Superior business-critical RAS features, including built-in redundancy and hot-pluggable components lowering the risk for unplanned IT downtimes. In addition to Advanced ECC, SDDC, DDDC, Memory Scrubbing, Memory DIMM Sparing, and Memory Mirroring, the RX4770 features advanced resilient system and memory technologies that integrate processor, firmware, and software layers to help diagnose fatal errors, contain faults, and automatically recover to keep the server operating.

The combination of sheer processing power, increased memory capacity, higher transfer rates, enhanced management options and advanced RAS features turns the FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY RX4770 M1 into the ideal platform for running transactional applications, backend and in-memory databases, and business intelligence workloads, as well as data-intensive applications. Plus, it substantially simplifies carrying out infrastructure-related tasks like server virtualization and consolidation, and allows for reducing operational expenses by up to 70 percent as well as a 3:1 consolidation ratio compared to previous generations based on calculations with the Fujitsu Value Calculator App.

In short, the PRIMERGY RX4770 M1 will serve as a link between PRIMERGY systems and the new Fujitsu's PRIMEQUEST 2000 series line-up that combines UNIX-matching high-availability features with x86 cost efficiency.

Timo Lampe


About the Author:

Timo Lampe

Senior Specialist Marketing Manager – Data Center Systems / Server


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