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Jul 18 2018

Why Our Servers Start in the Diamond League


Both technically and commercially, Fujitsu's PRIMERGY servers are bringing a lot to the table: They regularly rank among the fastest and most efficient systems in the world and offer customers the best value for their money. But that's not all: Certain configurations may even be ordered and sold faster than you'd think – comparable to sprinters competing in the IAAF Diamond League. These are the configurations included in our value4you (v4y) program.

Originally introduced in 1995, value4you has now entered its 24th year and has a reputation for not only being one of the longest-lasting, but also one of the most successful sales promotion programs designed for the ICT infrastructure market. Each year, the major fraction of channel partners leverage the generous advantages of the value4you program The program's success and enduring popularity rest on five pillars or key characteristics:

  • value4you is fast – all systems offered in the program are pre-configured and therefore easier and faster to deliver to customers than individual configurations
  • All systems are exclusively designed to meet our customers' and partners' needs
  • v4y offerings are easy to optimize and offer a broad selection of flexible upselling opportunities when combined with customer-centric services
  • value4you tends to a wide variety of needs and purposes and therefore includes products from the CCD, server and storage segments
  • All v4y offerings benefit from attractive, strictly market-oriented pricing

Let's now look at each of these pillars on its own.

As mentioned above, each system – e.g. a PRIMERGY server – delivered via value4you is pre-configured. This has a couple of obvious advantages for everyone involved in the purchase/sales process, especially on the customer side: Potential buyers with few or no IT skills no longer have to 'scrounge around' for the adequate system and thus avoid getting lost in a vast field of opportunities – instead, they can simply (re-)focus on their core business. Moreover, special tools like dedicated v4y order codes and SystemArchitect/WebArchitect help to speed up the order process. And finally, all v4y products are permanently kept in stock and therefore ship to end customers in just a few days, so long as they reside within the EU.

All value4you offerings are designed exclusively for our channel partners and distributors. In fact, we regard exclusivity as a key element in our comprehensive eco-system of partner offerings, which is why we promote it at events like the Fujitsu Forum or via the SELECT Circle program. For distributors and channel partners, this means we have their back, as the combination of exclusivity and a reliable program structure presents them with great opportunities for sustainable growth.

Easy to Optimize
While the base units are pre-configured, channel partners have access to the complete channel assembly component portfolio. Here, you will find an assortment of parts and extensions that help you adapt the pre-defined base units to your customers' special needs. What's more, the value4you program supports all partners who want to provide individual services – regarding, for example, sizing and configuration or data protection – and thus opens up a path to move from relatively low-margin product sales that fluctuate with each hardware hog cycle to a more rewarding and stable business model.

As mentioned above, the value4you program covers Fujitsu's entire product portfolio, from ESPRIMO desktops, LIFEBOOK notebooks, CELSIUS workstations and peripherals through PRIMERGY servers to ETERNUS storage arrays and tape systems. As such, the comprehensive set of product offerings will help your customers tackle the challenges of digitization regardless of whether they're trying to build individual workplaces or entire IT infrastructures of the future. And all the while, they won't have to worry about a certain element suddenly going out of stock, because all selected products remain available within the program for almost their entire lifespan. In other words, whichever project they may start, they (and by extension you) can plan ahead securely for a couple of years.

Our value4you offerings are prominent for their affordable pricing. But we've also designed the program to make the ordering/purchase process itself more convenient and less time-consuming. For example, we provide price-performance keys for every product on offer, so you and your customers may easily deduct whether a specific configuration fits their needs. The dedicated order codes we mentioned above are available and valid across the entire EMEIA region and complemented by special order codes indicating your country of service.

The extraordinary lifespan of almost a quarter century speaks for itself: With value4you, Fujitsu has created a sales promotion program that's accurately tailored to customer and partner needs. It combines fast delivery with exclusivity, easy optimization and customizing options, flexible upselling, a streamlined purchase process and attractive pricing. That's hard to beat – unless the next level was to offer all this for free. Consequently, it's easy to realize why diamonds are not only a girl's (or athlete's) best friend, but their sparkling, shiny appearance also has won and continues to win the affection of our channel partners.

Further information regarding the value4you program and dedicated codes can be obtained from the corporate partner portal (partner account required; to register, please go to

Marcel Schuster


About the Author:

Marcel Schuster

Senior Specialist Marketing Manager – Data Center Systems / Server


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