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Jul 13 2017

Adaptability Is Key: FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY RX2530 M4 with Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family


Ever since we started selling industry-standard servers in the mid-1990s, one key goal of Fujitsu has always been to provide our customers with powerful systems that easily adapt to hundreds, if not thousands of different usage scenarios. The 2017 class of Fujitsu's dual- and quad-socket PRIMERGY rack and scale-out servers not only carries on the same proud tradition, but offers major improvements regarding this kind of versatility – not least because the new models are based on the new Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable family.

This fresh line of processors and the servers that build on it reflect discussions that started in the mid-2000s: Since then, hardware developers, analysts and data center staff have hotly debated the pros and cons of new processor designs and microarchitectures as well as workload-optimized hardware configurations. Especially adventurous start-ups even started building ARM-based machinery in hopes these would soon populate server rooms, mainly because of assumed technical and cost advantages. But although this hasn't happened on a larger scale, the discussions prompted market leader Intel to re-invent its server processors and come up with an entirely new design: the Xeon® Processor Scalable family.

Maximum Productivity in a 1U Housing
As we have pointed out before, this new product line offers "more integrated functionality as well as a larger set of discrete expansion options" plus a bundle of extras (such as support for the AVX-512 instruction set) in order to improve the new Xeons' compute, networking and storage capabilities. In addition, ICT vendors like Fujitsu can now choose from a much broader, more varied set of processors that enable us to build a new generation of dual- and quad-socket PRIMERGY servers that's even more adaptable to individual usage scenarios than its predecessors. In the case of the FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY RX2530 M4, this means it is now available in four different configurations and with 25 different Intel® Xeon® processor models, ranging from a six-core Bronze CPU without Hyper-Threading (HT) support that runs at 1.7 GHz and allows for data transfer speeds of 9.6 GT/s to a 28-core Platinum specimen that does support HT, operates at clock speeds of 2.5 GHz in regular and 3.2 GHz in turbo mode and delivers 10.4 GT/s. Main memory capacities vary between 8 GB and 3 TB; further configuration options include one large form factor model equipped with up to four 3.5 inch SAS or SATA HDDs or SSDs as well as three small form factor variants that feature four, eight or ten 2.5 inch drives, with the top model supporting PCIe as well as SAS and SATA drives. Another key enhancement that comes with the Xeon® Processor Scalable family is Intel's UPI (UltraPath Interconnect) technology that basically expands the throughput previously available with QPI and thus significantly speeds up data transfers between the CPUs inside the system. All these processor improvements blend particularly well with the enhanced features of the server model users of the PRIMERGY RX2530 M4 will quickly get accustomed to, for example:

  • DynamicLoM – Fujitsu's version of the LAN-on-motherboard architecture not only allows for the selection of interface cards that best meet the needs of a specific server setup, but also enables flexible scaling of data transfer/connection speeds to external systems and supports a whole bunch of advanced data center technologies like iSCSI, FCoE, network virtualization, Single Root I/O Virtualization, and RDMA over Converged Ethernet to ensure maximum connectivity and the capacity for live migration. In the 2017 version this now comes with OCP form factor cards.
  • Cool-safe® ATD – Our Cool-safe® Advanced Thermal Design builds on an original concept developed by Fujitsu that uses heat pipes and straight-through cooling to help servers cope with adverse data center conditions and operate within a higher-than-usual temperature range between 5° C/ 41° F and 45° C/113° F. Cool-safe® ATD easily integrates into existing cooling systems and helps cut their power consumption by up to 20% for each 5° C/9° F temperature increase, thus allowing for substantial reduction of energy costs.
  • Optional redundant, hot-pluggable power supply units with 96% energy efficiency serve the same purpose.
  • Up to two internal M.2 storage devices can be included for hypervisor installation, so that the PRIMERGY RX2530 M4 may act as a base unit in virtualized environments.
  • The fifth-generation Integrated Remote Management Controller (iRMC S5) is a refined version of its immediate predecessor that aims to increase security and administrator productivity. New features include a unified API (DMTF Redfish®) that simplifies operation and management of heterogeneous, scale-out infrastructures; integrated and preloaded Embedded Lifecycle Management (eLCM) functions that allow for comprehensive remote management (e.g. of system installations and updates or of storage devices and RAID controllers) and can now be executed via protected HTTPS connections; new profile templates that help streamline and accelerate server deployment; and finally a modernized, secure and intuitive GUI that supports tablets.

Usage Scenarios
Fujitsu's 1U rack servers have always been popular for their adaptability to a vast number of environments and usage scenarios. The PRIMERGY RX2530 M4 propels this key quality to entirely new levels, as our video flash shows: Depending on the individual configuration, this server will provide an extremely reliable platform for small databases and standard business applications, act as hypervisor in virtualization contexts, or take on a role as one of multiple number crunchers in HPC settings dealing with data analysis or simulation. In other words, it's a truly "universal" server whose enhanced features guarantee ease of use and cost-efficiency. What more could you want from this type of server?

Marcel Schuster


About the Author:

Marcel Schuster

Senior Specialist Marketing Manager – Data Center Systems / Server


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