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Jun 08 2017

Fujitsu Autocall Simplifies and Improves Server and Storage Maintenance


With its new, free-of-charge offer "Autocall," Fujitsu intelligently improves the handling of service incidents for PRIMERGY, ETERNUS, PRIMEQUEST and PRIMEFLEX products. The refined service is designed to improve response times and convenience for customers, Fujitsu Partners and service personnel alike.

Fujitsu is expanding its range of digitized maintenance services: With "Autocall", server and storage systems can automatically issue a service request when needed. The request will trigger the required incident response according to the contracted service level. As an Autocall message includes standardized, comprehensive information like serial numbers, configuration, diagnostic data and contact details, this new option saves time and manual efforts. Furthermore, it reduces the probability of misunderstandings or transcription errors.

Autocall is eligible for all Fujitsu PRIMERGY, ETERNUS, PRIMEQUEST and PRIMEFLEX systems. Third-party components like NetApp storage solutions or Brocade switches as part of PRIMEFLEX are also supported. A similar service was previously available in select countries and is now replaced by a refreshed version that is available to customers worldwide. Existing contracts including Support Packs ProActive with System Health Check and Technical Account Management will continue unchanged.

For single systems, Autocall has to be set up and activated by the customer. For larger infrastructures, there is the option to operate the necessary Fujitsu Software AIS Connect Support Gateway on one of the servers. This software will collect and forward service request messages in a consolidated way to the Fujitsu Service Center. Like its single-system counterpart, it has to be set up and activated by the customer. System administrators can easily test the connection to the Service Center via Fujitsu's ServerView Suite. In addition, the Autocall set-up can also be performed by Fujitsu Partners as part of their service offerings.

No More Lack of Information in Case of Service Events
In case of a component deviation, an Autocall message will be automatically generated and sent by the customers system to the central Fujitsu Support Center. The e-mails can be sent to more than one recipient, for example in order to CC the accountable system administrator.

In Fujitsu's Service Center, automated scripts will then analyze the message and will in some cases even autonomously recommend the necessary spare part and action to be taken. The service incident will then be validated against the applicable service level in the appropriate Fujitsu service database like SDB or ADLER. Finally, the incident is forwarded to the responsible Service Desk that will organize subsequent steps like scheduling a technician or just sending the spare part to the customer. This may of course also include informing and involving the responsible Preferred Service Partner of the system in question.

The new, automated procedure steps in as an alternative to the conventional handling of service incidents that may force the customer to wade through files and contracts, investigate serial numbers and hotline numbers and eventually call the responsible support authority.

Autocall is available to any customer of the previously listed Fujitsu products, free of charge and independent of the contracted service level. However, the actual handling of an incident will of course depend on the service level originally purchased and registered by the customer. So in order to take advantage of the full functionality, customers have to choose an appropriate support contract for their systems.

Effective Step for Automating Monitoring and Maintenance
Thanks to the sophisticated diagnostic and analytic functions built into Fujitsu hardware, the automated service reporting can in some cases even help to avoid the imminent failure of a component, well before uses or administrators would even have noticed a problem. This digitization and automation of product monitoring and maintenance once again improves the reliability of Fujitsu systems and greatly enhances convenience for Fujitsu customers. Autocall efficiently simplifies and speeds up the handling of outages, failures and similar support incidents.

If you wish to learn more about our product-related services, please visit our Support Services webpage.

Marcel Schuster


About the Author:

Marcel Schuster

Senior Specialist Marketing Manager – Data Center Systems / Server


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