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Jan 04 2022

How Windows Server 2022 and FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY can help set the company's course for the future

As a result of the pandemic, the daily work routine that had become commonplace over the years was thrown overboard and had to be reorganized. Working from home – virtually unheard of pre-pandemic – has now become a fact of life. Aside from some disadvantages, the advantages of this way of working soon became apparent, so that Gartner expects that 48% of employees will work from home, even after the pandemic, compared with 30% pre-pandemic (Gartner VP J. Hewitt at Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference Dec. 2020).



Another challenge for companies is the sharp increase in cybercrime in recent years, with damage running into the billions. For example, this year's Cyberthreat Defense Report from CyberEdge shows that 2020 was a record year for data loss due to security breaches as well as the sheer number of cyberattacks, and that 2021 looks set to beat that record. For example, the study shows that “a record 86% of companies suffered from a successful cyberattack last year” (Cyberthreat Defense Report 2021, CyberEdge Group, 2021). This, too, is permanently changing the world of work, requiring the implementation of increasingly high-quality security systems to protect digital assets and sensitive data.


Companies have to face these challenges and continuously adapt, react and develop. By using FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY and Windows Server 2022, they benefit from the latest hardware, which, paired with software, enables them to transform their IT environments with modern, innovative and cloud-enabled technologies and thereby accelerate their success. Specifically, this means advanced, multi-layered security, hybrid capability with Azure, a flexible application platform and of course a modernized server infrastructure.


More secure remote workingImage

The new forms of collaboration resulting from the new daily work routine require the ability to work productively from anywhere. Companies must now be able to facilitate this and support their employees through simplified provision and management of remote apps and desktops.

The top priority is the security of corporate data and applications. This is enabled by Windows Server 2022's Remote Desktop Services, the platform of choice for creating virtualization solutions for every end-user requirement, for example, virtualized applications delivery, secure and mobile remote desktop access, and the ability for end users to run their applications and desktops in the cloud.

Remote Desktop gives users a full desktop experience with a wide variety of applications, all installed and managed centrally. Remote apps are applications that are deployed and managed in the secure remote environment but behave as if they were installed locally. This means that users can adapt them to their needs. These options give you the flexibility to deliver the desktops and applications you need remotely, securely, and cost-effectively.

At the same time, IT managers can use the integrated Remote Management Controller (iRMC) and the Infrastructure Software Manager (ISM) from FUJITSU to access their data center at any time and from anywhere and thus benefit from an integrated view and central control.


Advanced multilayer securityImage

Working from anywhere requires a greater focus on security. Combined with the latest PRIMERGY servers, Windows Server 2022 provides additional security levels to protect data and apps at all levels of the company from current and future threats.

Security has always been a cornerstone of Windows Server and as conditions have changed, numerous security improvements have been introduced in the new version. With its extended security functions, Windows Server 2022 offers the latest industry standards with the latest security practices. These holistic security features for detection and response, vulnerability management, and mobile threat defense protect both infrastructure and intellectual property. Customers benefit from the multi-layered security with the secured-core server and secured connectivity.

With the secured-core server, Windows Server 2022 aims to increase the security of its server operating system. Since the firmware is often used as access to unprotected systems, software-based measures are not sufficient to prevent attacks. Additional security functions implemented in the hardware are required. The measures that take effect at different levels include the Trusted Platform Module 2.0, the use of Bitlocker and System Guard, which secures the boot process and minimizes the risk of firmware weaknesses.

In terms of transmission, Windows Server 2022 responded with the secured connectivity with an additional layer of protection and thereby raised the entire network communication to a new security level. HTTPS and TLS 1.3 are standard for secure communication. In addition, the Server Message Block Protocol (SMB) can be encrypted with AES-256.


Hybrid capabilitiesImage

Hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructures are increasingly becoming standard in companies, and serve to advance digital transformation. Studies have shown that 79% of SMEs are on the path to digital transformation (Anurag Agrawal, Techaisle, Delivering digital transformation benefits to SMB and mid-market customers, Aug 2020) and 85% of all companies are pursuing a hybrid cloud strategy (IDC´s 2020 annual multi cloud and next-generation infrastructure survey DE N=102, Oct 2020). To support this development, Windows Server 2022 provides various new features in this area, especially in conjunction with Microsoft Azure. First and foremost, this includes the Microsoft Azure Arc service, on the basis of which cloud services can also be used on-premises with Windows Server 2022 and companies are thus able to combine local investments with hybrid functions.

In addition, Azure Arc is also managed by the new version of the Windows Admin Center, which offers centralized, uniform server administration functions. The hybrid infrastructure is thus easily provided, managed and monitored, which considerably simplifies the setup and configuration of cloud services. Windows Admin Center can also be used to manage Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery services. With this ability to access enterprise-class services, companies are better prepared for downtime and outages.


Modernized server infrastructureImage

In order to meet the new requirements and maintain competitiveness, companies must equip their IT environments with modern, innovative and secure technologies. By using Windows Server 2022 in combination with the PRIMERGY servers, greater data-center efficiency and better resource management can be achieved. With powerful software-defined storage and networking, the ability to start small and grow as needed makes these solutions affordable for businesses of all sizes.

The use of a modern operating system in connection with the PRIMERGY servers maintains competitiveness by adapting to evolving needs, and companies benefit from even more robust security levels as well as increased flexibility, efficiency and productivity.



The data-driven transformation continues and presents customers with new challenges. More data needs to be processed, more apps and services need to be available and function properly. With Windows Server 2022 and PRIMERGY Server, companies benefit from perfect coordination with even more security and better system management.

The united power of Windows Server 2022 and FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY provides companies with a modern, innovative and secure environment for almost every application, today and in the future.


More information can be found at Windows Server 2022 : Fujitsu Global


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