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Oct 28 2013

Speed up Your Business Decisions with Fujitsu’s SQL Server Data Warehouse Appliance


With today's economy being almost entirely information-driven, it is no surprise that managers want accurate, up-to-the-minute statistics to base their business decisions upon. Still, many IT departments can't deliver the kind of substantiated data they need due to a lack of resources or capacities. The adequate solution to that problem is to build a data warehouse, i.e. a central repository where relevant information can be stored for further analysis with BI and OLAP applications.

Unfortunately, IT departments are usually facing a multitude of challenges when trying to build a data warehouse. The most important is complexity – designing an adequate IT platform requires input from many sides, which in turn translates into high effort and long project duration. As a consequence, data warehouse projects often fall victim to a number of risks: many are substantially late, others have functionality issues, a reasonable part suffers from poor quality, and yet another from high cost deviation. In other words, IT departments may take a long time and spend lots of money to create the optimal repository and still end up with a botched solution. Moreover, running a data warehouse on the same hardware as productive applications will inevitably reduce performance, even if its design, setup and configuration are flawless.

Turnkey Solutions Save Time and Money
To help customers and channel partners avoid such issues, Fujitsu has developed its new Integrated System SQL Server Data Warehouse Appliance (DWH Appliance). Launched in September, the product is the latest in our line of datacenter packages and offers a true turnkey solution that solves most of the key issues mentioned above:

  • Being a ready-made package, the DWH Appliance comes with all hard- and software components pre-installed, pre-configured and pre-tested. Companies no longer have to put major efforts into planning and implementing data warehouse solutions and can thus escape pitfalls such as missed deadlines, lack of functionality, and budget overruns.
  • Setup is easy and can literally be carried out within minutes instead of days or even weeks. All that customers need to do is to unpack the hardware, connect it to the power network, and run the configuration wizard that will take them through the setup procedure.
  • Since the DWH Appliance is a separate, dedicated unit used only for data warehousing, it will not affect the productive systems and daily operations at the customer site.

The Fujitsu SQL Server DWH Appliance runs on a Fujitsu PRIMERGY RX300 S7 industry standard server equipped with a quad-core, 3.3 GHz Xeon E5 processor, 96 GB of RAM,  and 16 SAS HDDs with 600 GB storage capacity each. The solution uses Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard as operating system and Microsoft Data Warehouse Appliance 2012. All components have been optimized for a seamless working experience and certified according to Microsoft's SQL Server 2012 Fast Track program. In addition to the aforementioned benefits as a turnkey solution it provides users with:

  • Enormous flexibility – the Fujitsu SQL Server DWH Appliance stores data for reporting, analysis, and even sheer archiving.
  • Openness and expandability – it is compatible with various business intelligence tools from Microsoft and other vendors and may grow into a full-fledged BI platform over time.
  • Maximum performance – the appliance uses Microsoft's latest xVelocity in-memory technology for data indexing, thus delivering responses to any query in a flash.
  • Special license – the package comprises the server hardware plus software licenses and enables cost savings of up to 50 percent.

Quintessence: Fujitsu's SQL Server DWH Appliance helps IT departments to avoid the pitfalls typically associated with implementing data warehouse solutions. Instead, they get an out-of-the-box solution that requires next to no designing and implementation efforts and delivers best-in-class performance at about half the cost of comparable offerings. Needless to say, channel partners also benefit from offering a reliable, powerful and, most importantly, ready-to-run solution.

For detailed information, please visit our Data Warehouse microsite or our site on PRIMERGY-based solutions. The data sheet (PDF) for the Fujitsu SQL Server DWH Appliance is here.

Alfons Michels


About the Author:

Alfons Michels

Senior Product Marketing Manager Servers at Fujitsu CEMEA&I



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