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Jun 25 2015

Ensuring Platform Continuity with PRIMERGY Long Lifecycle Systems


Planning and building IT infrastructures is anything but easy – not just from a technical, but also from a business and timing perspective. CIOs and their teams typically want to treat 'their' users to the latest, most advanced services and features, while CFOs and their crews need to keep their companies' hard- and software investments in check. FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY Long Lifecycle (LLC) Versions can help both sides find a middle ground.

For roughly ten years, IT innovation cycles have been constantly accelerating. Until about 2005, Intel and AMD issued new processor generations almost every two years. Since then, both chip giants started churning out fresh CPUs with new microarchitectures on an almost annual basis. The most positive effect of this faster sequence is that nowadays customers can buy more powerful servers every 12 months. In some cases, however, this may result in some kind of unwanted catch-22: on the one hand, they'll feel inclined to buy the latest, snappiest equipment as soon as it appears on the market. On the other, they know exactly that the flashy new hardware may already be nearly outdated by the time it's all up and running. And as a matter of fact, the expedited discontinuation of server platforms could entail even direr consequences if customers are forced to override their typical three-year refresh cycles or worse, terminate projects that depend on the prolonged availability of certain processors and other components. FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY Long Lifecycle (LLC) Versions help them avert such predicaments.

The Concept
FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY LLC Versions extend the availability of select PRIMERGY models up to 5 years. To achieve this, we stretched these models' lifecycle – i.e. the 'sales period,' during which they are commercially available – from 12 or 24 to 60 months, starting with general availability (GA) of each system. Within this time frame, customers can order the LLC Servers without limits and will continuously receive relevant hard- and software upgrades. After the sales period ends, we add Fujitsu's standard 5-year support on top of it. This includes the availability of maintenance and general services as well as spare parts; further upgrades, however, are no longer supported once the end of sales is reached. Altogether, this means that our first two LLC servers – which were introduced in September last and February this year – will be commercially available until September 2019 and February 2020, respectively, and supported until 2024/2025.

From both a customer's and a partner's perspective Fujitsu LLC Servers offer a variety of substantial advantages. Potential users profit from the prolonged availability and lifespan as follows:

  • Offers and prices of fixed customer shopping baskets and service contracts (SLAs) can be kept for a long time.
  • Ongoing, long-lasting roll-outs into projects that require long-term hardware availability are no longer a problem.
  • Software solutions that are based on legacy hardware, such as 32-bit PCI expansion cards, or outdated software stacks – e.g. older operating systems – may be used for a longer period of time, thus facilitating a smooth transition/porting to newer or entirely different hard- and software stacks.
  • Some software solutions require a comprehensive evaluation of the server hardware they are supposed to run on. With Fujitsu LLC Servers in place, necessary re-evaluation/re-qualification efforts are less time-consuming and costly.

Target groups for LLC Servers are large public and private organizations that run distributed IT environments and have to ensure their systems and applications remain stable and reliable over the long term. Examples would be hospitals, power plants, telecommunication providers or production facilities with lots of automated systems.

For channel partners, selling and servicing LLC systems translates into valid opportunities to generate follow-up business and long-standing, stable customer relationships.

Available Platforms
FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY LLC Versions are currently available in two editions based on the PRIMERGY RX2540 M1 and RX2530 M1 with Intel® Xeon® processors1, respectively. As noted above, the former will be available until September 2019 and supported until September 2024, whereas the latter reaches its end of sales in February 2020 and end of support in February 2025. Both editions may be ordered from within our SystemArchitect tool, where they are listed as separate product models with special order code extensions (RX2540M1-L and RX2530M1-L, respectively). Each LLC Server consists of a specific base unit that features just the components released for the long lifecycle. As per usual, every LLC model comes with the latest edition of our ServerView® Management Suite pre-installed and supports the most popular operating systems from Microsoft, Red Hat, SUSE, and VMware.

For detailed information, please see our LLC Server white paper (PDF).

[1] Intel, the Intel logo, Xeon, and Xeon Inside are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Florian Frimmel

Marcel Schuster


About the Author:

Florian Frimmel

Global Product Marketing Manager, responsible for PRIMERGY tower and scale-out servers, at Fujitsu 

About the second Author:

Marcel Schuster

Senior Specialist Marketing Manager – Data Center Systems / Server


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