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Oct 05 2020


The role of IT has changed over the last two decades from business support and optimization to business enabler. By finding intelligent ways to make use of data, we can galvanize businesses to change more rapidly. Previously, businesses and industries underwent change in a sedate manner, but these days, the data revolution can change entire business segments rapidly. Well-established enterprises that are proactive in assessing and exploiting opportunities based on their valuable data stores, and are able to do so speedily, have the potential to become global leaders in their industry. To become a data champion and deliver world-class data analysis capability to your customers and users, the new FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY GX2460 M1 is the critical tool which will provide you with the right infrastructure to make the most of your organization’s data and ensure success.


Fujitsu offers a sophisticated blend of systems, solutions and expertise to guarantee maximum productivity, efficiency and flexibility, delivering confidence and reliability. Whatever the size of your business – large enterprise with multiple sites, or a small or medium-sized company with limited space and budget – with the right choice of server, your IT can become the business enabler you have always wanted it to be.


FUJITSU PRIMERGY GX Server portfolio expansion

Fujitsu PRIMERGY GX servers are optimized for GPU performance with the reliability and cost-effectiveness of our PRIMERGY line to best suit your individual requirements. There is no need for compromise as GX servers are designed to excel at single/multi-GPU accelerated data-driven use cases. Over 580 HPC applications across a wide range of domains are GPU optimized, including top HPC applications and all major deep learning frameworks, ensuring most HPC applications can benefit from improved time to results. The GX offers versatile and reliable servers suited for resilient workloads and controlled through a single infrastructure management solution – the Fujitsu Software Infrastructure Manager (ISM).


PRIMERGY GX2460 M1 – features and benefits


The FUJITSU PRIMERGY GX2460 M1 server is a sophisticated dual socket rack server enhanced with the latest GPU accelerated technology to deliver the highest levels of workload-versatile performance, expandability and energy efficiency at the right price points. This powerful system comes with the latest 2nd Gen AMD EPYC™ series processors with up to 32 cores, 180W TDP, along with up to 1TB of memory across 16x DIMM slots and 4x NVIDIA®  sophisticated PCIe GPU accelerator cards plus NVIDIA’s “NGC-Ready” certification. All these attributes makes this advanced system ideal for accelerating demanding data-center workloads such as Artificial Intelligence with a focus on Deep Learning, Data Science, in addition to other HPC, VDI and graphics use cases. Up to 8x NVMe/SATA drives and 6x PCIe expansion slots (available slots depend on number of and type of GPUs installed) deliver workload versatility and future growth. The server is designed for reliability and lowered cost of ownership with energy-efficient 2200W Platinum class dual power supplies.



The design of the GX2460 M1 makes it ideal for GPU-centric workloads. The NGC-ready qualification is certified for single/multi-GPU Deep Learning training and inference, Data Science, Application Development. NVQual certifies reliable operation at maximum throughput.    

Its future-ready storage capacity, and networking capabilities can be tailored and expanded to suit specific business needs and budgets, while onboard I/O ports enhance connectivity.

The standard redundant power supplies enhance reliability, and mitigate against expensive power supply failures, while the high level of efficiency further reduces the overall energy envelope.

Powered by FUJITSU’s ISM, it offers server status, event monitoring, update management, inventory/archive management, logging and auditing, floor layout and rack view via an easy to use UI. Pre-tested, validated software configurations also ease the administrator burden.

Tailored for several different scenarios, the PRIMERGY GX2460 M1 is the ideal partner to help you achieve your business goals:




Dustin Caine Schulz


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Dustin Caine Schulz
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Product Marketing Manager for Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Germany. Responsible for FUJITSU PRIMERGY Scale-out-Systems and the Fujitsu Software Infrastructu...


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