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Nov 27 2013

Small, affordable, powerful: New Fujitsu Servers for SMEs


It's a common belief that high availability or virtualization scenarios are the domain of huge companies with at least a few hundred employees and matching infrastructure. But when you look around, you'll find that car dealers, plumbers, and tax consultants everywhere are just as eager to offer their customers the best service levels as any department store.

Thus, when it comes to buying new servers their eyes are no longer on the price alone – rather, they expect their investment has clear technical advantages and helps them increase their profits. Fujitsu's next-gen rack and tower servers Fujitsu PRIMERGY RX100 S8 and Fujitsu PRIMERGY TX140 S2 meet all of these requirements – and one or two you might not expect them to fulfill.

Fujitsu PRIMERGY RX100 S8
The smallest system is also the one that contains the most surprises. Based on v3 of Intel's Xeon E3-1200 processor family, the PRIMERGY RX100 S8 draws heavily on the benefits of the Haswell microarchitecture. Along with general improvements like a 6% increase in sequential performance, these include much higher energy efficiency: during SPECpower benchmark tests in fall, the system scored 6,137 overall ssj_ops per watt, marking a 10 percent improvement over its immediate predecessor and replacing it as the most energy-efficient single socket rack server worldwide.¹ To turn this highly economic system into a real cost saver, Fujitsu added a few tweaks of its own, such as hot-pluggable PSUs with 94% power efficiency. The crown jewel among these enhancements, however, is our new Cool-safe® Advanced Thermal Design (ATD). Cool-safe® ATD allows for ambient temperatures of up to 40 °C (104 °F) in the data center, and since every additional degree translates into lower expenses for air conditioning, customers can reduce total cooling costs by up to 27 percent. For more information about Cool-safe® ATD, please see our related article.

Other outstanding features include:

  • The new FUJITSU PRIMERGY server generation is equipped with the latest Integrated Remote Management Controller (iRMC S4). Based on its successful predecessor, it provides additional functionality: remote control of server-internal HDDs and RAID configurations also in agentless out-of-band operation (planned in Q1 2014), enhanced video capturing as useful tool for remote troubleshooting, enhanced virtual media options for connecting remotely multiple CD/DVD, HDD or FDD images or physical drives.
  • Modular system design and housing – each system can be fitted with up to 32 GB RAM and up to four 3.5 inch or up to ten 2.5 inch SATA or SAS drives, allowing for fast response times and a maximum storage capacity of 12 TB (available in Q2/2014). All components and interfaces/connections are easily accessible via the front and rear panels, simplifying maintenance and repair.
  • A wide variety of optional features – users can easily configure the new PRIMERGY RX100 to their individual needs. Probably most outstanding is the option to order a processor with integrated HD graphics chip (Intel Xeon E3-12x5 v3), which turns the server into an ideal vehicle for video surveillance and teleconferencing. Users who don't need the performance of a full-blown Xeon may also switch to less power-hungry Core i3, Pentium or Celeron CPUs. Other options to choose from comprise modular RAID controllers for levels 0/1 and 5/6, redundant fans, and full-height PCIe slots.

With these characteristics, the Fujitsu PRIMERGY RX100 S8 is best suited for use as a file server or platform for infrastructure services (e.g. as domain controllers) and telecommunication applications. For detailed information, please see our PRIMERGY Rack Systems microsite and our product page with links to technical documents.

Fujitsu PRIMERGY TX140 S2
Launched in October, the PRIMERGY TX140 S2 can be described as the perfect tower complement to the smaller rack system. Like the RX100 S8, it did extremely well in SPECpower benchmark tests, scoring a total of 6,797 ssj_ops per watt in a configuration with an Intel Xeon E3-1265Lv3 and 8 GB of RAM to become the most energy-efficient single socket server in the entire industry.² This makes for 10% overall performance improvements and 15.5% higher energy efficiency compared to the last generation.

Of course this benchmark setup is only one possible configuration: instead of Xeons, customers can choose Core i3 or Pentium CPUs and start with just 2 GB main memory and a 250 GB drive to eventually max out at 32 GB RAM and 12 TB of storage capacity. Thanks to this expandability, the PRIMERGY TX140 S2 is the optimum choice for startups looking for a stable server for files, mail, print jobs and office apps that will grow as their business does. What's more, since the system is certified for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V, it can also serve as the basis for small, virtualized infrastructures. Still with its small 4U enclosure (as opposed to 5U before) and lowest-in-class noise emissions, it may be placed under any desk, bringing relief to organizations that lack server rooms and/or office space. For more information, see the PRIMERGY Tower Systems microsite and the product page.

Quintessence: Small and medium enterprises are often erroneously categorized as conservative in their view of server technology and development. The simple truth is: they are not. Instead, they demand the same performance, functionality, adaptability, and efficiency as large corporations, albeit on a different level. That's what Fujitsu's new entry-level systems PRIMERGY RX100 S8 and TX140 S2 are all about.

 ¹ Competitive benchmark results stated above reflect results published on as of December 04, 2013. Score of 6,137 overall ssj_ops/watt published by Fujitsu on the PRIMERGY RX100 S8, see:

² Competitive benchmark results stated above reflect results published on as of December 04, 2013.Score of 6,797 overall ssj_ops/watt published by Fujitsu on the PRIMERGY TX140 S2, see:

SPEC and SPECpower are trademarks or registered trademarks of Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC).
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Florian Frimmel


About the Author:

Florian Frimmel

Global Product Marketing Manager, responsible for PRIMERGY tower and scale-out servers, at Fujitsu 


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