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May 04 2020

Welcome the brand new Fujitsu WebArchitect

As part of our continuous efforts to provide optimal support for you in the planning phase, configuration and design of our product portfolio, Fujitsu will be replacing the old SystemArchitect with a brand new free-of-charge Cloud-based application, WebArchitect. Fujitsu’s WebArchitect offers you the possibility of configuring our complete product range – from high-performance notebooks up to complex enterprise systems – or of selecting preconfigured systems and solutions. Read on to fully understand how to take advantage of this awesome software.

WebArchitect is the modern Cloud-based tool for reliable configuration of the entire Fujitsu portfolio: from CCD-systems up to high-end datacenter solutions.

With WebArchitect you can create configurations quickly and easily. Your Cloud-stored configurations are retained safely and are accessible from everywhere. WebArchitect always gives you access to the latest products and prices, so your own installation of the application and regular updates of the databases are not necessary.



WebArchitect is the successor of SystemArchitect, which has reached its end of life (phase-out starts in June 2020), and now is the time to become familiar with WebArchitect and start your personal migration from SystemArchitect to WebArchitect by May 2020, at the latest.

Along with all the features currently present in the SystemArchitect, WebArchitect brings several new benefits:

  • All Fujitsu product groups can be configured with WebArchitect;
  • Modern Cloud-based application using latest technology, no client installation necessary;
  • Constantly up-to-date products and prices;
  • Integration into e-Commerce solutions;
  • Built-in easy-to-use Multi Database Manager;
  • Mighty Validator for quickly validating correctness of configurations;
  • Granted import of SAR-files (SystemArchitect).


Getting started

All you need to do to gain access to WebArchitect is to enter the following URL in your web browser (Google Chrome, Edge or Firefox):

As well as being accessible by Fujitsu partners with a Fujitsu Partner account, WebArchitect is also available in a public version which does not require a password.

Once you have opened the tool, you Imageshould first check your settings and adjust them if necessary to optimize settings for email, price columns, Excel export, electrical parameters and filter settings. To open the settings, click on your username on the top right corner of the screen and select “My settings” in the dropdown list.


There are four easy ways to start a configuration and select a product:


  1. System Selection Assistant
    The System Selection Assistant guides you through the product categories and series. After selecting a category and series (optional), the system selection opens. It is possible to switch between Configurable Systems and Complete Systems in System Assistant by clicking on the respective tab. Configurable Systems can be configured individually. Complete Systems are pre-configured systems which can be enhanced with options.
  2. System Selection Tree
    The product selection tree shows all available products. Open the product tree with the triangle symbols and select the product you want to add to the configuration. All selected products will be displayed in the Configuration overview window. As soon as you have selected a system from the product tree or with the System Assistant, the Configure frame opens.
  3. Quick Search
    The search function is located in the top-level navigation and allows a quick search by entering the product number or system name.
  4. Advanced Search
    The advanced search is located in the left navigation. It offers the possibility to search by product name, product number or a description, and if desired to narrow down this search by specific types, families, models or categories.




In order to understand how to start the migration and take advantage of all the new features, please take a look at Fujitsu’s explanatory videos to clearly understand how to define your settings, select a system, customize your view and import configuration files.





Also don’t miss our crucial information, training packs and contact information:


Timo Lampe


About the Author:

Timo Lampe

Senior Specialist Marketing Manager – Data Center Systems / Server


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