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May 15 2014

Hardware Purchases Made Easy: the Fujitsu Value Calculator App

Finding adequate server hardware that ideally fits a specific job while saving customers time and money is rarely easy – and probably never will be. But Fujitsu's new Value Calculator App for the x86 server portfolio takes away some of the pressure.

Every day, thousands of companies around the world are trying to find server systems that suit their needs or can replace older models that no longer sufficiently handle the applications and workloads they were acquired for.

Why an App?
On most occasions, however, both customers and sales staff will find the process anything but easy – mainly because some relevant pieces of information are missing. The Fujitsu Value Calculator App was designed to close that gap and remove the most important obstacles that impede a successful purchase. To achieve this, it provides you with

  • Upgrade recommendations for servers along with calculations of possible cost savings
  • A complete overview of Fujitsu's x86 server portfolio with description of the most important technical details and further links
  • A search function according to form factor, number of sockets, usage, etc., enabling you to find a suitable server
  • Case studies, benchmark results, videos, operating system support and news from Fujitsu

With so many important facts being available at the tap of a finger, purchase decisions may still not be a breeze, but will most certainly lead to better results.

How It Works
Technically, the App is subdivided into four modules: Value Calculator, Product Finder, Product Portfolio Overview, and Resource Center. As you will already have concluded, the key functions among these are the Value Calculator and the Product Finder, which work as follows:

  • The Value Calculator allows for a comparison of existing (older) server models with the latest PRIMERGY products and their savings potential. All you need to do is enter the number of servers you need to replace, specify their average age, identify the number of CPU sockets per server, and add a few details about energy consumption, usage scenarios, and form factors – and the Value Calculator will return a summary that tells you how many servers are actually needed for the workloads at hand, how they perform in comparison, and what you will be able to save in terms of energy, management and maintenance costs. In addition, it will recommend the appropriate systems for individual tasks wherever possible.
  • The Product Finder is for users who are not yet familiar with buying servers from Fujitsu. In this case, you simply enter a rough description of the type of server you are looking for – including, for instance, the form factor, required number of sockets, and operating purpose – and the Product Finder returns a list of the most suitable PRIMERGY models, complete with a brief description, an image, and further links.

Both the Value Calculator and the Product Finder are great tools if you wish to obtain a specific server system and can provide some basic information to help them find the right model(s). On many occasions, however, this won't be possible because no reference information is available. Users facing this kind of 'blank' search will benefit the most from the detailed Product Portfolio Overview: here, you will find a comprehensive list of all x86-based FUJITSU Server products, including PRIMERGY and PRIMEQUEST models, along with descriptions. The Resource Center for its part works like a newsroom, enabling you to 'stay in touch' and learn about the latest technical developments, benchmark results, and case studies as fast as possible via videos, podcasts and newsflashes. Moreover, it connects you to Fujitsu's Product Support and Fujitsu Financial Services & Remarketing. In short, the Value Calculator App is the Swiss army knife for all people who are interested in FUJITSU Servers.

Get Your App Today
Starting today, the Fujitsu Value Calculator App is available for Android and iOS devices from Google's and Apple's app stores. Please use the QR codes below to download the software.




Timo Lampe


About the Author:

Timo Lampe

Senior Specialist Marketing Manager – Data Center Systems / Server


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