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Apr 06 2021

Your infrastructure for the data-driven world

Alongside Intel’s launch of the 3rd Generation Xeon Scalable processors, Fujitsu is announcing the brand new FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY Dual M6 generation. Get to know the main features and advantages of the M6 series in this first blog article, and be sure to come back soon to find out more about the RX, CX and GX servers in the following three articles.



Data is the driving force that enables companies to increase operational efficiency. We help our customers accelerate their path to digital transformation and achieve their full potential. With our new PRIMERGY server generation, we will help our customers to move, store and process massive amounts of data and to provide a solid foundation for today’s hybrid IT reality.


Main Highlights

The new servers deliver breakthrough performance and innovations with technologies such as the new 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors, the latest high capacity and speed memory including new DDR4 modules and the Intel® Optane™ persistent memory 200 series, Enterprise Data Center SSD Form Factor (EDSFF) storage devices, more and faster I/O with PCI-Express 4.0,   advanced multi-GPU support, and new hardware-enhanced security features.

Optimized for AI, HPC, network, security and IoT workloads, 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors come with 8 to 40 powerful cores and a wide range of frequency, feature and power levels. Moreover the processors offer enhanced memory performance with support for up to 3200MT/s DIMMs (2 DPC) as well as increased memory capacity with up to 8 channels for up to 6TB of total system memory/socket in combination with the new Intel® Optane™ persistent memory 200 series.

Some of the M6 generation servers are also able to make use of advanced NVIDIA GPU’s. One of the systems, the PRIMERGY GX2570 M6, is even specially designed for this purpose and is equipped with 8x NVIDIA A100 SXM4 GPUs making the system ideal for AI, data science or HPC workloads which require high-grade GPU acceleration.


3rd Gen. Intel Xeon Processor and new Intel Optane PMem 200 series

Intel’s new generation of Xeon Processors and the Optane PMem 200 series are powerful new products that the PRIMERGY Dual M6 will take advantage of, bringing us several new features and improvements:



FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY Dual M6 lineup


To find out more about the entire new server lineup, don’t miss the upcoming three blog articles, covering in depth the RX, GX and CX Servers.


Carolin Hausmann


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Carolin Hausmann

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