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Mar 28 2017

A New Generation of Mono-Socket Servers (Part 2 of 4): FUJITSU PRIMERGY TX1320 M3 – Most Compact Model in Its Class


Over the years, Fujitsu has often been lauded for its ability to build servers that are small enough to fit into almost any environment, but still offer robust performance and a comprehensive set of capabilities. Our new PRIMERGY TX1320 M3 was designed to keep up that reputation – it's a state of the art, ultra-compact full-fledged server that SMEs can utilize to expand their business.

When you talk about server deployment these days, space restrictions are hardly an issue for many large enterprises, since they often have spacious data centers. Small and medium enterprises, however, are facing an entirely different challenge. After setting up shop in their owner's garage, they may have moved to a slightly bigger office in the apartment block across the street. Later, as they became more successful, they may have opened up branches all over town and even outside the city limits. But that doesn't necessarily mean the offices are getting any bigger – after all, rents are high, and a good merchant only spends what he can afford. In the end, many companies end up being forced to run typical "standard" servers which are oversized for the deployment conditions, thus wasting energy as well as valuable office space.

Size Matters...
Quite obviously, the issue of space restrictions is anything but new, and so most leading hardware vendors have introduced small-sized servers over the years. However, few of them have been as consistent as Fujitsu in their efforts to shrink the systems without compromising on performance, storage capacity and overall usability. Some three years ago, these efforts culminated in the launch of the FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY TX1320, which was designed to be an "ultra-small tower server that's designed for environments where space is scarce, but full-server functionality and silent operation are indispensable nonetheless." Today we're launching the third generation of these systems, which provides continued performance-oriented improvements over the previous editions utilizing state-of-the-art technology and packs them into a super-compact housing that measures 98 x 399 x 340 mm and weighs up to 11 kg (24 lbs.) in its maximum configuration – notably less than what many rack servers bring to the table. In fact, this server occupies less space than some of our workplace systems and weighs about the same, thus easily fitting into even the smallest office. Put differently, space restrictions no longer exist.

...But So Does Performance
Shrinking the server housing is already an achievement in itself, but the real tricky part occurs when it comes to picking the latest components and technologies that enable the miniature system to deliver genuine server performance and reliability. At the same time, this 'small platform' must be flexible and configurable enough to accommodate multiple SME-typical usage scenarios and workloads. Customers may want to use the server as an application server, for centralized data storage or for collaboration-oriented workloads – the possibilities are many. To achieve these diverse goals, the new FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY TX1320 M3 will be available in three Base Unit configurations as well as a variety of value4you models that are shaped to meet more individual requirements. Common hardware specifications for the Base Units are as follows:

  • Processors – customers can choose from nine different Intel® processors, six of which are quad-cores from the Xeon® E3-1200v6 family and deliver clock speeds between 3 and 3.9 GHz. In case their requirements are more modest, they may also opt for dual-core Celeron® (special release, please contact your representative for specifics), Core™ i3 or Pentium® models.
  • Main memory – each PRIMERGY TX1320 M3 has four memory slots that can be fitted with the latest ECC-enabled DDR4 modules, which allow for sample rates of 2,400 instead of formerly 2,133 MT/s; total RAM capacities vary between 4 and 64 GB.

The choice of processors and memory modules is identical across the entire model range, while other configuration details vary greatly, especially where internal storage and power supplies are concerned. Essentially, customers can choose between two small form factor (SFF) models equipped with 2.5-inch storage drives and one large form factor (LFF) version housing 3.5-inch disks. Here's what these configurations look like in particular:

  • The top SFF editions support either four or eight hot-pluggable SAS/SATA HDDs or SATA SSDs. Storage capacities start at 960 GB in the smallest four-SSD configuration and max out at 15.4 TB in its largest 8-drive counterpart. Optionally, users may also add in an ultra-slim BD or DVD-RW drive and/or RDX backup drive. These models have undergone a substantial upgrade in terms of reliability compared to previous-generation servers. They come with a redundant, hot-pluggable 450-watt power supply with 94% efficiency. Previous versions were only available with the standard PSUs described below.
  • The second line of SFF models is basically identical except for the fact that it uses standard 250-watt power supplies with 90% efficiency.
  • All LFF editions support up to two easy-change HDDs and a substantial maximum storage capacity of 20 TB. Like their SFF counterparts, they may optionally be complemented with an ultra-slim optical disk drive and/or RDX backup device. Power supplies are the same as in the second category.

Advanced Features
In our data-driven economy, many companies are afraid of power outages that could disrupt business transactions or cause system crashes that lead to substantial data losses. The concern is particularly great among SMEs whose very existence often depends on their ability to avoid such mishaps. These customers will be glad to hear that the latest PRIMERGY TX1320 edition can help them stay out of trouble: Models not only come with redundant power supplies, but may now be equipped with our integrated Fujitsu Battery Backup Unit (FJBU), which basically takes on the job of an external UPS and enables a graceful shutdown (as opposed to a crash). The FJBU has the same size as any of our modular power supplies and will thus fit into the same slots and draws power from the same AC source as the other components, which drastically cuts standby power consumption and heat emissions. Plus, unlike other external UPS's it requires no extra floor space and wiring.

Building on a Legacy
The PRIMERGY TX1320 M3 also inherits the entire set of advanced features that were included with its immediate predecessor, among them

  • Fujitsu's innovative Cool-safe® Advanced Thermal Design technology that reduces heat emissions, enables silent operation, and expands the range of ambient temperatures under which it remains functional to in between 5 and 40 °C
  • Support for SATA and SAS RAID configurations with even more advanced RAID controllers on the roadmap, and
  • Support for remote administration via our Integrated Remote Management Controller (iRMC S4)

Use Cases
Despite its small size, the PRIMERGY TX1320 is not an entry-level system that can merely perform basic server tasks. In reality, it will handle various business applications just as promptly and reliably as standard-size mono-socket models. Hence, it has often been deployed in the financial, health and legal sectors. The new PRIMERGY TX1320 M3 looks well-poised to build upon its proven track record: Thanks to substantial performance improvements, it may now be used as a host system for VMs, thus opening up the door to virtualization.

For more information, please refer to our product site and the data sheet. Or if you want a quick taste, check out the videoflash below. 

Nitin Sitaram


About the Author:

Nitin Sitaram

Specialist Marketing Manager, Product Data Center Server, Global Marketing


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