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May 13 2020

Want to reduce complexity of your IT? Opt for server-based storage solutions

Nowadays even the smallest IT environments have several interrelated components (servers, networks, storage systems, management systems, etc.). Complexity arises from the interdependencies among these components, making it increasingly difficult to maintain, manage, and scale. As this often leads to underutilized assets that drive up the TCO, a solution that supports TCO reduction initiatives is one that reduces complexity across your IT architecture. Fujitsu is here to help you address those challenges, so stay tuned for the best solutions we have to offer you.



The need for server-based storage solutions

With the explosive growth in unstructured data, organizations are struggling to nail down a storage method that is not only easy to implement and upgrade, but also allows them to maximize capacity utilization. Traditional enterprise storage systems that package storage controllers, disks, interfaces and firmware as proprietary storage arrays are often expensive, complex and lack openness. While speed and efficiency are crucial for a good storage infrastructure, organizations require a cost-effective storage architecture that reduces complexity and is highly scalable as well as supporting demand-driven resource allocation.

In order to combat issues with traditional storage and to help companies grow their data footprints economically, organizations should opt for server-based storage solutions. This solutions have grown exponentially with the advancement of CPU processing power, which became fast enough for most of the x86 servers to now be able to perform storage management operations that previously had to be handled by proprietary chips or add-in cards.

Server-based storage solutions are able to reduce cost and complexity by housing storage media inside servers rather than in dedicated and custom-engineered storage arrays. It uses open-standard, x86-based directly hardware-attached disks – hard drives, solid-state drives with NVMe or even PCIe cards – to store data locally on the server.  Storage drives are of great importance for building a serve-based storage portfolio, and the software layered on top of this hardware transforms the server node into a full-fledged storage array.

As data storage requirements become more and more critical, server-based storage helps companies to scale storage capacity efficiently. This is accomplished by capitalizing on the ability of software-defined storage and hyper-converged technology to reduce the expense and complexity of storage. Being a popular server-based storage option, particularly in virtual environments, hyper-convergence is managed through the hypervisor, allowing non-storage administrators to quickly provision storage resources on hyper-converged appliances.

The idea behind software-defined storage (SDS) is to use computer data storage software for policy-based provisioning and management of data storage independent of the underlying hardware. The benefits include easier storage management, lower storage costs, and anywhere-anytime access to support Cloud storage.

Overall, opting for server-based storage will have a direct impact on the TCO minimization of your storage and IT infrastructure.


Why Fujitsu?

Once you are convinced about the benefits of server-based storage for your organization, the next step is to choose the right vendor to help your business accomplish your goals.

We truly believe that FUJITSU PRIMERGY servers and server-based storage are the best solution you can get. Within its PRIMERGY servers, Fujitsu offers a broad server-based storage portfolio, perfectly suited for your IT infrastructure needs.

Fujitsu offers the highest quality…whether you are buying hard disks or SSDs or NVMe drives, Fujitsu provides you with tested quality as well as the additional benefits from the knowledge gained by our experts over many years regarding storage technology and system integration. From the initial certification of new drives, through fine adjustment of the firmware, up to the quality control of individual deliveries and supplies, Fujitsu does everything possible to guarantee you the best performance and highest fail safety.

Furthermore, with FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX, you can choose from all the leading HCI (hyper-converged infrastructure) offerings from  Microsoft, VMware and Nutanix to optimize your server-based storage infrastructure according to your needs.

The bottom line is that when it comes to managing your IT infrastructure, reducing complexity can go a long way towards achieving your goals faster. With FUJITSU PRIMERGY servers and server-based storage solutions, Fujitsu is here to solve your complexity woes.

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Aswin Shankar


About the Author:

Aswin Shankar

Global Product Marketing – Server Products


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