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Aug 10 2015

IT Solutions for SMBs, Pt. 2: Help Building Businesses on a Solid Foundation – Improve Productivity


Given today's omnipresence of compute operations and the unbroken trend towards massive data growth, it's only natural that CIOs and their teams start looking for ways to boost the productivity of the infrastructures they manage. Fujitsu's PRIMERGY servers and ETERNUS storage systems provide the required rock-solid basis for running a business and staying competitive.

Fujitsu has a long tradition of supporting small and medium businesses (SMBs) in carrying out their daily chores by removing complexity and offering affordable, easy-to-use solutions combined with matching services. That way we encouraged them to invest in further business applications that would help them improve and expand their business. But in this era of rapidly changing user behavior, some of these solutions may no longer work as well as initially expected. Here's why:

  • Modern users demand access to IT resources and data regardless of where they are – at the office, at home or on the go – at any time of the day or night.
  • At the same time, software vendors have created a plethora of applications that not only satisfy such demands, but try to stay a few steps ahead of them and predict what users may want to do next. This has caused an unprecedented surge in digital information and the rise of so-called Big Data – heaps of folders, files and documents that are simply too large to be controlled with conventional hard- and software means. Moreover, being prepared to handle Big Data has little to do with company size or other external factors, since the vital information that must be processed and/or retained is largely identical anywhere and includes product catalogs, price lists, emails, customer and supply chain data, search engine queries, social ads (e.g. on Facebook, Twitter), blog entries etc.
  • With pressure from all sides so massively increasing, it's absolutely no surprise that more and more IT infrastructures and operations have reached or are reaching their breaking point. New systems supposed to deal with rapidly increasing expectations not only must offer higher capacities, but also superior performance to deliver critical information to the right person at the right moment.

Consequently, analysts as well as data center professionals have noted that what businesses need in order to keep up with growing performance needs are server and storage architectures that work together seamlessly and lay the groundwork for innovative data center architectures that support virtualization, cloud computing, and the likes.

A Strong Team to Boost Productivity
The constant search for fresh concepts and architectures creates massive business opportunities both for Fujitsu and our channel partners. According to the latest annual Computerworld survey among IT execs, their 2015 budgets are set to rise between 4 and 13% in the U.S. alone. As might be expected, global forecasts from international market researchers are a little more subdued in general, but arrive at growth rates between 2.5% for the entire market and 3.8% for ICT spending. What's more, some market segments appear to be exploding: In July, IDC reported that Q1 revenues from sales of cloud infrastructure hardware had grown 25.1% over those of the same 2014 reference period. In an earlier five-year segment forecast the research firm had put the average growth rate at a stunning 15.6% for the period through 2019.

Thanks to a comprehensive portfolio and a global network of expert partners, Fujitsu is well-prepared to claim a substantial share of the overall market and growing ICT expenses over the upcoming years. Building on the strengths of PRIMERGY Servers and ETERNUS Storage Systems, we are able to provide organizations with all relevant pieces of modern data center technology, regardless of whether they're used to set up standard environments or to accommodate special application scenarios. To achieve this, we build all of them in our own Fujitsu factories in Japan and Germany – precisely because both countries are renowned for their high quality standards and rigorous testing. This approach has garnered some tremendous successes:

  • Our PRIMERGY servers regularly rank among the fastest and 'greenest' systems available on the market and have set several world records in terms of performance as well as energy efficiency. For example, our PRIMERGY RX 4770 M2 four-socket server (pictured above) easily outpaced competing systems during tests against VMware's VMmark Benchmark in June this year, scoring a convincing 47.46 @ 40 tiles. Before that, the PRIMERGY RX2540 M1 and RX2530 M1 had also reached top positions in the class of dual-socket servers, thus continuing a proud tradition that started more than a decade ago. In addition, the PRIMERGY RX2540 M1 set a dual-socket world record on the Microsoft Windows SAP SD 2-tier benchmark with a throughput of 87,500 SAPS (16,000 users; 1.75m fully processed order line items) in fall last year. Our list of previous record holders includes the PRIMERGY BX920 S4 blade system and the PRIMERGY RX 1330 M1 rack server, both of which reached top positions in 2014, and a boatload of systems that came beforehand.
  • Our ETERNUS storage systems also have a reputation as record breakers. Most recently, special praise was heaped upon the ETERNUS DX200F and the ETERNUS DX200 S3. The ETERNUS DX200F is a 2U array that uses SSDs instead of conventional HDDs and offers up to 38.4 TB total capacity and a maximum performance of 430,000 IOPS in random reads; read and write latencies are measured in the two-digit microseconds range. The array fared particularly well in tests against Microsoft's Fast Track Certification for SQL Server 2014, where it achieved 60% more throughput and 50% higher read transfer speeds than a comparable system from storage market leader EMC. Consequently, Microsoft nominated the ETERNUS DX200F as a Microsoft SQL Server 2014 / Fast Track Data Warehouse Reference Architecture on July 29, 2015. Its non-flash sibling, the ETERNUS DX 200 S3, achieved top results when running against both the Storage Performance Council's SPC-1™ and SPC-2™ benchmarks.1 While both systems are not normally part of typical SMB environments, their test results speak volumes about what Fujistu storage systems can achieve in terms of delivering top performance at a reasonable price.

Along with benchmark results, numerous case studies have been told to back up our claim that server/storage combinations from Fujitsu will always act as powerful teams that help customers solve pressing IT problems. In fact, these packages turned out to be so successful that we decided to use them as a basis for all major solutions from the FUJITSU Integrated Systems PRIMEFLEX portfolio. And we are confident they are ideally suited to help your customers boost productivity and efficiency, build their business on a solid IT platform and stay competitive in the medium and long term.

For a more information about Fujitsu solutions that contribute to your customers' success, please visit our new SMB microsite.

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 [1] The test results are published on the Storage Performance Council’s web site.
For SPC-1™ results see:
For SPC-2™ results see:

Kathrin Hofherr


About the Author:

Kathrin Hofherr

Product Marketing Manager Storage at Fujitsu


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