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Nov 26 2014

Oldest PRIMERGY Alive Award: And the Winner Is…


From September 9 to October 31, 2014, we were looking for the oldest PRIMERGY server alive. The winners were invited to the Fujitsu Forum and received their special prizes at the event in Munich.

During the contest, which was part of the celebrations surrounding "20 Years of PRIMERGY" and accompanied the launch of our latest-generation x86 servers, we received applications from 18 different countries. Moreover, we learned that PRIMERGY is truly a global brand, with the applicants coming from countries as diverse and far away as Australia, French Guiana, and Taiwan.

Congratulations to Pošta Srbije
After a careful review, the winner was found in Serbia. Here, Pošta Srbije (the Postal Service of Serbia) is still using a set of PRIMERGY 561 systems that were bought in 1996 and utilized as application servers during the first ten years of operation. Since then, they are still being used to format and prepare SCSI disk drives. Founded in 1990, Pošta Srbije provides the largest infrastructure and logistics network in Serbia with around 15,000 employees. The company was one of the first Fujitsu customers in Serbia and currently operates more than 200 active PRIMERGY servers which are driving its IT operations and business along with FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CS systems for data backup. For the unprecedented endurance of their 18-year-old systems, Pošta Srbije was awarded another record-breaker: the FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY RX2540 M1, equipped with Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 processors, achieved the best TPC-E benchmark result of all dual-socket systems as well as the best overall price/performance result in benchmarks developed by the Transaction Processing Performance Council. In addition the system takes the lead over competitors with a new world record in SPECpower_ssj™2008 benchmark (10,654 overall ssj_ops/watt).

With 15+- year-old PRIMERGY systems still in use, Schaubroeck N.V. from Belgium and I-Business Klein GmbH from Austria were the runner-ups in the competition who also took part in the celebration and received a special award at the Fujitsu Forum.

The original version of this article was authored by Daniel Klaus and first published on the Face2Fujitsu Blog.


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