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Oct 31 2017

Fujitsu Issues HPDA White Paper

High Performance Data Analytics, or HPDA, currently ranks high among the hottest topics discussed by members of the ICT industry and their customers. First introduced in 2013, the concept involves a mix of hard- and software components that enables companies to process and dissect whatever Big Data sets they've assembled with the help of HPC solutions, thus improving both the speed of the analysis and the quality of the results. A new Fujitsu White Paper now explains how PRIMEFLEX for HPC can be helpful in such scenarios.

More specifically, the paper – which was put together on behalf of Fujitsu Global – presents readers with a "reference model" for reshaping their existing HPC infrastructure in such a way as to allow for carrying out high performance data analysis. The resulting setup has the capability to utilize HPC resources on Hadoop and Spark data sets, enabling virtually lightning-fast analysis of information gained from sensors, IoT devices or application servers that in turn will inspire on-the-spot, accurate business decisions. All of this is done by combining Fujitsu's PRIMERGY RX2530 M4 servers with direct-attached SSD arrays and ETERNUS DX200 M4 storage systems for long-term data retention, along with essential software components such as adequate file systems, analytics engines, and of course tools for cluster and batch job management. Fujitsu's new white paper "A Reference Model for High Performance Data Analytics (HPDA) using an HPC infrastructure" was published today and is available for download here.

Fujitsu's HPC and HPDA solutions will be discussed at this year's Fujitsu Forum, which will be held at the International Congress Center Munich (ICM) on November 8 and 9, 2017. Please visit our Forum webpage, visit booth E15 for more information.

See you soon in Munich!


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