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Feb 28 2017

Oracle to Advance Java EE 8 Release

Back in December, we reported that Oracle developers had published a roadmap that gave an overview of the new features contained in the upcoming version of Java EE and said the framework was due out in "late 2017." More recent leaks from the community now suggest that "late" might mean early in the second half of the year.

Delays in software development are a rather common occurrence, so it's always a bit of a surprise when developers tell you they'll be able to wrap up a project earlier than planned. Yet this is exactly what seems to be happening at, the Oracle-led community that oversees the refinement of the Sun-invented platform. In a post to the Specifications mailing list, Linda DeMichiel, the 20+ years expert in charge of the process, now announced that the existing draft will enter the public review process in April or May, so that the final draft can be issued in June. Following another four-week approval process, the finished platform should be available at some point in July. Oracle's effort to speed up the delivery process is likely intended to appease the Java EE user community, which has been awaiting this particular release for roughly 12 months.

At the same time, Oracle is supposed to add its finishing touches to version 9 of the Java Standard Edition (Java SE 9): This successor to the current platform was labeled feature complete in May last year and has passed the first round of tests earlier this month. Phase 2 of the so-called rampdown will start in mid-March, the final release candidate will be issued on the first weekend in July. General availability is planned for July 27.


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