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Apr 23 2018

“Co-creation for Success”: Fujitsu Releases Updated Technology and Service Vision

Rapid advances in digital technology are transforming our daily lives, our businesses, and entire industries. Business leaders have told us digital transformation is not easy, however, and creates many challenges. To help customers tackle these challenges, Fujitsu has offered a collection of strategic advice and refreshed it every year since 2013. At the heart of our approach is Human-Centric Innovation.

This year, our global theme is 'Co-creation for Success'. Over time, Fujitsu has been engaged in many co-creation projects with customers and partners, which have delivered successful outcomes ranging from improving efficiency in manufacturing to transforming customer experiences in retail and financial services. Today, digital co-creation is shifting into a new phase, from proof of concept to new business creation. In the vision this year, Fujitsu introduces key success factors for digital transformation and turning data into value in the era of IoT, AI, and blockchain, while proposing new business and societal models.

The following key messages are at the core of our Technology and Service Vision 2018:

  • Enterprises must acquire "Digital Muscles" – digital transformation is not just about introducing digital technology, but it is a journey affecting every part of the enterprise. Therefore, the stronger their efforts and the higher their dedication, the likelier it is they will achieve positive outcomes. The six key success factors (or "digital muscles") companies need to focus on developing in this context are Leadership, People, Agility, Business Integration, Ecosystem and Value from Data.
  • Successful digital transformation requires the integration of business experience and technological knowhow – although Deep Learning and other AI technologies have evolved remarkably, it's not enough to just subject any kind of data set to their algorithms in hopes to generate higher revenues and net income. Rather than that, if you want to be successful it is crucial to apply the most appropriate AI technologies across different types of data. To help customers with that, Fujitsu provides a digital business platform, solutions and services, which connect AI, IoT, Cloud and Security technologies while pushing the boundaries of technology to solve business and social challenges. For example, our human-centric AI Zinrai is able to explain the logic behind its insights – something other existing AI technologies are still struggling with. Likewise, our new computing architecture, called Digital Annealer, can solve complex combinatorial optimization problems that conventional computers cannot handle.
  • The next objective is to build a learning enterprise – as data is causing the transformation of entire industries, we are witnessing a significant shift from vertically integrated value chains to distributed ecosystems. But this transition can only be carried out successfully if people are willing to collaborate with AI to learn from experience and data, and continuously create innovation. For instance, managers will have to trust blockchain and other advanced security technologies to underwrite uncertainty in transactions and assure the trustworthiness of data. And we'll all have to accept the fact that interconnected ecosystems have the potential to evolve into an autonomous and distributed network society.

To learn more about this topic, please visit our Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision website.


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