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Nov 19 2014

Fujitsu Introduces PRIMEFLEX

At the Fujitsu Forum in Munich, attendees may witness the dawning of a new era – with our new PRIMEFLEX brand of integrated systems, we serve up the building blocks for the business-centric data center today's customers require. PRIMEFLEX systems eliminate complexity, reduce risk through the faster deployment of more powerful data center technologies, and ultimately empower users to expand their business faster than they thought possible.

Integrated systems comprised of server, storage and connectivity, coupled with software and management layers, are gaining market share because they add a new kind of "business value" one wouldn't typically find in conventional IT environments: as pre-configured turnkey solutions for specific workloads, they free customers from the hassle of managing laborious ad hoc integration projects, thus cutting operational cost and complexity and enabling faster time to market as well as worry-free lifecycle management all at once.

With PRIMEFLEX, Fujitsu is introducing a comprehensive lineup of more than 20 business-centric solutions that cover the entire scope of needs in the data center. PRIMEFLEX systems – which encompass solutions from Fujitsu partners such as Microsoft, VMware and SAP – are all pre-packaged and pre-tested by Fujitsu. Customers can also choose Fujitsu Lifecycle Management for managing system updates and ongoing stack compatibility, as well as Fujitsu SolutionContract to tackle unplanned system downtime. Representing one of the industry's broadest offerings of powerful data center building blocks, the PRIMEFLEX family comprises both ready-to-run systems that can be rapidly brought into production and so-called Reference Architectures, which offer more customizable, pre-validated design blueprints. The lineup includes PRIMEFLEX for SAP HANA, which optimizes high-performance real-time database solutions, as well as PRIMEFLEX for VMware EVO: RAIL, one of the industry's first hyper-converged infrastructures optimized for VMware. What's more, PRIMEFLEX systems also power many services within the Fujitsu Cloud.

Our most recent addition to the PRIMEFLEX family is a powerful and scalable platform that provides organizations with a cost-effective way of "combing" their Big Data assets for actionable analyses. Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop breaks down large volumes of data to extract and make accessible business-relevant information, combining the convenience of a functional hardware platform with the economic advantages of open source software – plus system support and lifecycle management.

FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX pricing varies by configuration, services and geographic region. Solutions are mostly offered on a global basis although not all systems and solutions are available in all regions. For worry-free operation, Fujitsu offers comprehensive system integration services as well as data center services including hosting, managed data centers and cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service. Pay-as-you-go financing options are available.

For more information, please see Marco Rossi's piece on "Integrated Systems from Fujitsu" at our Face2Fujitsu Blog.


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