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Jun 02 2016

Mirantis or Red Hat OpenStack? Follow Your Taste!

Imagine you are a little child standing in front of the huge display at an ice cream store: it feels like thousands of choices, different colors, flavors, with sprinkles, without sprinkles... Bottom line: it is hard to choose. Anyhow, every ice cream will satisfy your craving for a cold, delicious and creamy experience of ice cream melting on your tongue.

This is a similar situation in a completely different field of life: imagine now you are an IT admin. You have a full range of vendors to choose from when it comes to picking the ideal platform for Cloud Computing. May it be Software-as-a-Service, Infrastructure-as-a-Service or else, all have one thing in common: OpenStack is the powerful management layer to deliver services at best possible and required granularity.

Different vendors offer different solutions: Mirantis, Red Hat, and many more have taken on the journey to develop their own OpenStack solutions. A compelling argument for Mirantis OS is the automatic deployment function of compute nodes and instances making administrators' lives stress-free.

As the first vendor in the market, Fujitsu was able to certify the latest generation dual-socket FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY RX2530 M2 and RX2540 M2 for Mirantis OpenStack in the latest version 8.0, which can be run with Ubuntu Linux. Additionally, a certification for the M1 generation of both above mentioned PRIMERGYs could be accomplished. Thus, Fujitsu can now offer a broader portfolio of certified server hardware to deliver the optimal OpenStack platform depending on different customer needs.

The important point is obvious: If you have a chocolate day, you do not need to take strawberry ice cream as chocolate is not available. You have the choice to satisfy yourself just as you wanted.

For more information, please check out the Mirantis web page and hardware compatibility list.


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