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Nov 05 2016

Delivering End-to-End Security: FUJITSU SURIENT Managed Rack Solution

Protecting confidential information is often considered a complicated business that's best left to the geeks who deal with it all the time. Understandable as it may be, this approach often tends to leave out the "simpler" parts of the job, like ensuring the physical security of server systems. That's where the FUJITSU SURIENT Managed Rack Solution comes into play.

Companies of all sizes typically go to great lengths to protect their informational assets, such as customer and financial data, price lists with discounts, patents pending, and any files from the R&D department. The tools used to achieve a decent level of security are often costly and complicated to work with – and yet may not protect users against rather elementary threats, for example the proverbial disgruntled employee who proceeds to steal a single hard drive with the customer database stored on it or worse, pilfers an entire server. To prevent that from happening, servers should best be kept under permanent lock and key, but that's usually where the issues start, because a. it's not entirely possible and b. in roughly eight or nine cases out of ten, physical security and access controls are managed by hired hands, which in turn limits a company's power to regulate physical security. A vast majority of employees and managers may not find that overly disturbing; however, most CIOs, CISOs, and responsible server admins have been losing sleep about it.

Fujitsu's new SURIENT security suite was designed to help these people regain their rest. First introduced at last year's Fujitsu Forum, this family of end-to-end security solutions now debuts in the form of FUJITSU SURIENT MRS. MRS stands for Managed Rack Solution – a perfectly descriptive term for a bundle of technologies and services that comprises up to three standard 19 inch racks with electromechanical locks and sensors, a rack control server, biometric authentication with PalmSecure ID Match, and of course installation and configuration services. The general idea behind it was to provide IT departments with one powerful 'package' that can help them manage access rights, monitor server, storage and network racks and detect when doors are opened and closed, and log all human interventions in a way that complies with data protection rules and can be adequately audited. Moreover, the entire solution easily integrates into existing infrastructures as a key component for meeting stringent physical security requirements, thus helping organizations to prepare for EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) demands for accountability.

As mentioned above, FUJITSU SURIENT MRS is part of a larger suite of end-to-end security solutions that we will introduce and roll out over the upcoming months. SURIENT MRS is available for order immediately from channel partners in Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa (alternatively through direct sales). Pricing starts at €7,000. The package will soon be complemented with our SURIENT Stealth Connect Solution (SCS), which is due out in early 2017.

For detailed information, please see the SURIENT product page, and check out the presentation and data sheet.


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