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Jul 16 2014

New Data Center Solutions for SMEs


Fujitsu has introduced three fresh additions to its series of mono-socket FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY rack and tower systems. The PRIMERGY TX1320 M1, TX1330 M1and RX1330 M1 entry-level servers were designed to provide the hardware basis for running special-purpose solutions in small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

With virtually every successful business relying on proper IT solutions, it is hardly a surprise that nowadays an increasing number of SMEs are trying to deploy the same technologies and concepts as their larger competitors. For a considerable amount of shops, however, that goal was hard, if not impossible to achieve, because advanced solutions typically call for advanced hardware that itself comes with an "advanced" price tag. The three new members of Fujitsu's PRIMERGY family of industry-standard servers now offer them the chance to overcome such obstacles: they are part of a complimentary, modular ICT architecture SMEs can use to build and expand their business on a step-by-step basis – whether in the data center, back office, or on the shop floor. Retailers, manufacturers, security services and media companies in particular will benefit from their performance and capabilities:

  • The FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY TX1320 M1 is an ultra-small tower server that's designed for environments where space is scarce, but full-server functionality and silent operation are indispensable nonetheless. Its compact form factor and extra low noise emissions make it the perfect choice for show- and salesrooms, branch offices, or other usage scenarios in the financial, legal, and health sectors – in fact, it may even be built into racks for telephony systems. Equipped with a third-generation Intel® Xeon® E3 processor and up to 32 GB of main memory, the system houses a maximum of six internal SAS or SATA storage drives (HDDs or SSDs) and can be fitted with a PRIMERGY RDX removable disk drive that serves as a backup device. Despite its diminutive size (98 x 399 x 340 mm), it offers enough performance to handle all classic server tasks, such as file, print, and web services or office applications. Moreover, Fujitsu's ServerView Suite and tried-and-tested easy access concept to hardware components make management and maintenance a breeze.
  • The FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY TX1330 M1 is an expandable all-round server that was optimized for the same application scenarios as its smaller cousin. As you may already conclude from this description, its hardware specifications are largely identical with those of the aforementioned system, except that it holds up to eight HDDs or SSDs or 33% more internal storage capacity. However, several extras ensure it provides a higher degree of adaptability to varying usage scenarios and environments. For example, optional redundant power supplies and a choice of different RAID controllers guarantee high availability and peace of mind. Support for legacy PCI adapter cards makes the PRIMERGY TX1330 M1 optimally suited for special solutions, such as telephone or security/surveillance systems. Two PCIe 3.0 and two PCIe 2.0 slots can be used to add RAID controllers for striping and/or mirroring, SAS/SATA controllers for improving I/O bandwidth, graphics cards or a variety of LAN adapters to boost network speed. Moreover, the TX1330 M1 may be equipped with LTO-3 or LTO-4 tape drives instead of RDX technology for more flexible backup options. And finally, it features a tower-to-rack conversion kit just in case.
  • The FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY RX1330 M1 is a rack server that was designed to meet strict energy efficiency standards and offer a host of expansion options. Like the tower systems, it uses Intel® Xeon® E3-1200v3 processors and up to 32 GB DDR3 RAM, but offers more internal storage space yet again with up to 10 HDDs. Optimized for infrastructure and multimedia applications – e.g. surveillance scenarios or broadcast production and delivery – the 1U system is highly configurable and comes with a rich set of optional features, such as hot-plug power supply units, redundant fans, RAID controllers, and support for pGFX integrated server graphics for fast media processing. Thanks to an optimized airflow and Fujitsu's unique Cool-safe© Advanced Thermal Design, it will operate reliably under higher ambient temperatures, thus contributing to very low operational costs. Lastly, Fujitsu ServerView Suite and remote management features (iRMC S4) simplify administration.

Pricing and availability
The FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY family of x86 cloud, rack and tower systems is available internationally via Fujitsu and distribution partners. The new systems will be orderable and generally available from August 2014. Prices vary by model and configuration. For more technical details, please see the data sheets here, here, and here.


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