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Dec 19 2018

Wave Computing to Open Source MIPS in Early 2019

According to a new press release, California-based AI specialist Wave Computing has decided to publish its industry standard MIPS Instruction Set Architecture under an Open Source license in the first quarter of 2019 and further develop it as part of its planned MIPS Open Initiative.

The move will allow semiconductor companies, developers and universities to use the MIPS command set free of charge and develop novel SoC designs for the embedded processor market. Hitherto, Wave Computing has predominantly built a reputation as an AI specialist, but is now apparently targeting areas like edge computing and IoT. Open-sourcing the 32- and 64-bit variants of the MIPS instruction set is aimed at broadening support for the processor architecture, with the ultimate goal of developing an ecosystem and possibly building a bridge between AI and IoT to fulfill Wave's "AI for All" vision.

Along with the above announcement, Wave Computing has also launched the MIPS Open Initiative, which is basically meant to be a forum where interested parties can exchange information about their successes in and issues with MIPS development. Further details about the initiative, specific licensing details, support mechanisms and ways to participate will be published early next year, together with a downloadable version of Release #6 of the MIPS instruction set. Equally, the offer will include resources covering SIMD and DSP extensions, multi-threading, virtualization, the MIPS MCU module and the specification of the microMIPS architecture.

For additional background information, please refer to the original MIPS webpage (the company is now owned by Wave Computing) and Junko Yoshida's report for the EETimes.


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