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Oct 31 2014

New Licensing Scheme for iRMC S4-Based ServerView Options

Starting tomorrow, a new licensing scheme will be implemented for the activation of iRMC S4-based ServerView options on PRIMERGY servers. License keys are now dedicated to a specific PRIMERGY system in a so-called "node-locked license." The new licensing scheme is applied to iRMC S4 Advanced Pack license keys ordered from November 1 as well as to all future license keys for iRMC S4-based ServerView options.

In the past, ServerView options for Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers were activated simply by typing a license key into the iRMC web interface. This traditional scheme did not require a relation between the license key and its corresponding PRIMERGY server. From November 1, Fujitsu will implement a node-locked licensing scheme that establishes a fixed correlation between a license key and a PRIMERGY server registered for a specific ServerView option. The keys may either be activated ex-factory or during field installation. Here's how it works:

  • Ex-factory activation: Node-locked ServerView license keys for iRMC S4 based ServerView options are ordered ex-factory in combination with new PRIMERGY systems and then delivered, installed and activated. The keys are stored redundantly within each system (both on the motherboard flash and in the system chassis ID PROM), so no paper documents are required. This procedure is identical with the current ex-factory process.
  • Field installation: ServerView options ordered for field installation contain a printed certificate (including a TAN) for product registration and license key generation at the Fujitsu Online Licensing Portal (URL to this portal is shown on the certificate). Depending on the ServerView option purchased, additional parts may be included as well. After logging into the portal, customers register their PRIMERGY model, including the serial number, on which the ServerView option should be activated and provide an email address to which the license key should be sent. Once they have registered, the node-locked license key is displayed on the screen and, at the same time, sent to this email address. To activate the ServerView option on the registered PRIMERGY system, customers enter the node-locked license key via the iRMC S4 web interface as usual. Finally, it is copied to the system chassis ID PROM for redundancy reasons – similar to ex-factory activation.

Already purchased, but not activated ServerView iRMC S4 Advanced Pack license keys will expire on December 31, 2014. If not activated by this date, they have to be replaced with node-locked license keys based on the new licensing scheme.

For more information, please see the Extranet/PRINCE.


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