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Nov 14 2019

Fujitsu announces 2 new PRIMEHPC Supercomputers models

Fujitsu offers 2 new models using Fugaku Technology worldwide, achieving high performance-per-watt

ImageFujitsu Limited announced yesterday that it will begin global sales of two new models, the PRIMEHPC FX1000 and PRIMEHPC FX700 (shipment is scheduled for March 2020).

This models are part of the "Fujitsu Supercomputer PRIMEHPC" series, which utilize the technology of supercomputer Fugaku jointly developed by RIKEN and Fujitsu.

Both products are equipped with the world's first CPU A64FX adopting Scalable Vector Extension (SVE) which is an extension of the Arm®v8-A architecture for supercomputers.

Moreover, the A64FX developed by inheriting the high-performance, low-power CPU design that Fujitsu has developed so far, provides high performance per watt.

The CPU not only achieves a high memory bandwidth by using HBM2(2), a high-performance die-stacked memory, but also can handle half-precision arithmetic and multiply-add, which are important in such technologies as deep learning.

In this way, the new supercomputers are expected to expand its use in the field of AI. By developing and offering the new products, Fujitsu will contribute to solving social issues, accelerating leading-edge research and strengthen corporate competitiveness.

To find out more, please read Fujitsu’s press release.


Nuno Costa


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