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Oct 20 2016

Oracle Postpones JDK 9 Release

Millions of users from all over the world have likened the experience of waiting for a new Java release to hunting: like all good sportsmen, they'd have to show tons of tolerance and self-control before they could 'take a shot' – that is, before they could download, install and work with either the runtime environment or the development kit or both. Not too surprisingly, this is also the case with Java 9.

Originally scheduled for this fall, the release date had already been moved to March 2017 earlier this year. But by mid-September Mark Reinhold, Oracle's "developer in charge" of the Java project, suggested it might be better to postpone the release for another four months, to July 27 next year, in order to come up with a stable release that contains "polished" versions of the existing new features that are due out with the new release. Further according to Reinhold, the Java/JDK 9 feature list includes a total of 85 enhancement proposals "that are done, or very nearly so," among them one for the new command line tool JShell. Still various online sources claim the delay is largely owed to the implementation of Project Jigsaw, which is intended to turn the hitherto monolithic JDK into a set of modules "that can be combined at compile time, build time, or run time into a variety of configurations" including those that correspond to the "full Java SE Platform" as well as custom configurations that only carry out specific functions.

In the meantime, the developer team and community will have to finish the following interim milestones:

  • Feature Extension Complete (December 22)
  • Rampdown Start (January 5)
  • All Tests Run (February 9)
  • Zero Bug Bounce (February 16)
  • Rampdown Phase 2 (March 16)
  • Final Release Candidate (July 6)

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